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What makes a massage Tantric?

You are likely familiar with the concept of massage — a masseuse uses just the right amount of pressure on your muscles to alleviate pain and stress. Tantric massage is comparable to the majority of other massage therapies in that it uses stroking and rubbing techniques. However, unlike typical massage, it’s a completely different experience with spiritual healing and nudity. Continue reading to discover what distinguishes a Tantric massage from the rest.

It is based on energy flow

Tantric massage is based on the concept of shakti (energy, strength, power in Sanskrit). This type of massage is used to unblock any blockages people face in today’s society, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or sexual.
We have all had massages. Even if the practitioner has a lot of knowledge in anatomy and experience in working out different muscle knots, a regular massage simply touches our body. Tantric massage, on the contrary, touches our inner essence. This is why every tantric massage is one-of-a-kind. When you receive a tantric massage, you are completely embraced and may accept yourself completely: everything you think and feel is acceptable.

It is not goal-directed

According to Chinese thought, there are two distinct approaches to life: Yin and Yang. This is also the case when it comes to massage techniques. Yang energy is typically associated with goal-directed action. In the realm of tantric, erotic massages, Yang touch is used to enhance the feeling of arousal. The arousal area is the primary focus of the Yang touch, and it tends to overlook other parts of the body and the rest of the experience.
The goal of the Yin technique, which real tantric specialist utilise, is an expansion and spiritual opening. It spreads the sexual energy all over your body, and though it also evokes pleasure and arousal, it isn’t really the point. The Yin touch makes an enormous and ever-changing realm of pleasurable receptivity, which grows larger and deeper with time, and becomes more colourful and vibrant the more you allow yourself to simply be there.

It involves the entire body

Tantric massage is a type of massage that involves the entire body, including the intimate areas. The purpose is to arouse your sexual energy, increasing awareness of your body and its sensations. The touch takes place within the agreed-upon limits at the start of the session. If you don’t want intimate contact, tell your masseuse beforehand so that you can feel completely comfortable and secure.

Try the best tantric massage in London

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