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What is the secret of a Lingam massage?

As Tantric massage is a particular type of erotic massage, Lingam is far from the well-known happy ending. The main difference is that the term ‘lingam’ encompasses all the male genitalia, including the penis, testis, and prostate. Lingam is often depicted as a phallic-shaped symbol and is widely used in intimate Tantric practices.
A Tantric Lingam massage is a form of alternative therapy that uses massage techniques to improve men’s overall health. It involves the whole body and reaches a peak of physical sensations with a massage of the genitals. It aspires to help you experience and master your sexual energy to its fullest extent. It invokes and captures essential orgasmic energies for overall wellness.

Why does it involve the prostate?

A Tantric Lingam massage would not be complete without a prostate massage. A musculoglandular organ about the size of a walnut, the prostate is a musculoskeletal gland that secretes an alkaline liquid, which nourishes sperm and contributes to the seminal fluid.
The prostate is lavishly innervated by parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves, which is why it’s believed to produce more intense and stronger orgasms. Massaging the prostate can bring about immense amounts of pleasure, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity. Plus, it’s extremely healthy!

Why opt for a Lingam massage?

Though often solely thought of as a way to achieve pleasure, a Tantric Lingam massage can do so much more. It has the ability to activate orgasmic energies and bring mind-blowing pleasure and full-body enjoyment.


Being a spiritual Tantric practice, the goal of a Lingam massage is not just to promote ejaculation. Sexual orgasmic energy is a creative life force that, when treated with love, has the power to heal.
A Tantric Lingam massage aims to arouse and direct your sexual energy throughout the body to heal anxiety and any disconnection with your inner self.


When you release the physical tension stored in your body, it allows you to relax and feel pleasure. This happens because Lingam massage activates your parasympathetic nervous system. Complete relaxation is essential for feeling arousal and experiencing an intense orgasm. Relaxation is key for the pelvis because so much stress is generally stored there, and usually does not receive enough attention.


You are encouraged to become more in tune with your physical body’s activities and processes to enhance your control over it. A Lingam massage might be the final point for your mindfulness practices.

A grounded sense of reality

You don’t have to achieve anything, and you’re under no pressure or obligation to accomplish any specific goal. There’s no need to hurry, either. You are allowed to fully experience your body in the present moment.

Lingam massage with a professional masseuse

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