Tie & Tease Massage in London

Dare and explore your deepest desires with Tie & Tease Massage in London by submerging yourself in a world of dark sensuality, where you will be teased and pleased until the very end. The tie & tease massage is all about exploring one’s fantasies and only by letting go of the control you will find all your senses to be enhanced, little by little, as the experience becomes even more profound. You will surrender into the expert hands of your Aisha Mistress, that will use various accessories and her imagination, combined with dark techniques, that will leave your heart pounding for more.

Aisha Massage London invites you to come and experience the absolute pleasure of Tie & Tease Massage in London.


    Aisha Massage London


    We recommend a tie & tease massage for those who understand pleasure at a whole new level and dare to uncover true erotic satisfaction.
    Going for an erotic massage remains a personal choice but once you do it, you will come back for sure! As we all like to be touched and feel endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in our bodies, going for something that helps us feel it is a natural choice! Take some time to read through and maybe in the next minutes you will be booking your tie and tease massage! Have a look at our ladies and choose the one that best stimulates your fantasies and senses!

    Top Masseuses for Tie & Tease Massage in London

    Booking Your Tie & Tease Massage in London

    The Tie & Tease massage London comes from Asia and was invented as a way to heal and feel pleasure by being touched. As this type of massage is by definition a very sensual and sexually oriented one, it also brings a lot of benefits by stimulating your body and releasing hormones of happiness. The tie and tease massage in London is a very erotic massage because, unlike other massages which rely on a gel, bubble bath and pure relaxation techniques to reduce muscular pain, this one relies on your fantasies and how far you would like to go to explore them.

    We recommend this massage especially if you happen to have a very serious and stressful job and need something outstanding to help you switch your mind off. Especially for men who are very much in charge with authority and must always lead the way, this massage is very liberating, because now someone else takes control and they simply surrender. You will now have the occasion to give in to everything and enjoy the services of one of our beautiful ladies!

    As the name says, the tie and tease massage is not just about you verbally surrendering to our lady, but physically letting her tie you up. She will choose how she does it, in most cases, she will bound your wrists and ankles or just one pair of them. You will see her coming with a silk scarf and doing all this for you, for a more delicate stimulation and a more intense sexual experience.

    Tie & Tiese Massage in London

    The second part of the massage will be the teasing when the lady will slightly stimulate you now that you cannot do anything about it. She will use body-to-body massages, short enough to increase the tension and bring you to the peaks of pleasure. You will receive these sensual strokes and caresses now and then, enough to make you strive for more but still be unable to reach it.

    Tie & Tease MASSAGE FAQs

    How can I prepare for my Tie & Tease Massage in London?

    Please have a warm shower before your therapist arrives and set the room at a comfortable temperature of 22-23’C. We recommend having fresh large towels – your masseuse will use them to cover the bed and protect your bed linen. Please remain in a passive manner and refrain from alcohol and/or drugs, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of tantric massage in London.

    Can I request a specific tantric therapist?

    Yes! Some of our delightful ladies are available at short notice and some perform exquisite tantric massage on a part time basis, so we recommend you book in advance. Please visit the gallery page and give us a call for more info.

    Are the Aisha Tantric masseuses discreet?

    We are an Executive London Massage Agency, we recruit and train the best. Our delightful therapists are well mannered, they dress smart/conservative without drawing any unneeded attention to themselves, making their way to your room or residence with utmost care and discretion.

    What should I expect from Aisha Massage London?

    Discretion! Dedication! An overall, exquisite and mind blowing tantric massage experience. We love what we do and we do it with grace and elegance. It is our aim to deliver the best tantric massage experience in London. Just give us a call and the rest is our job.

    What does it cost Tie & Tease Massage in London?

    The rates of each of our tantric masseuses vary. Rates are listed on their Rates Page and individual masseuse.
    Latest Reviews of Our Masseuses
    • David on ValentinaValentina -A massage session can truly be an amazing experience for both the mind and body. From the moment I’ve stepped into the tranquil, soothing and incredibly well scented apartment, I have felt the stress and tension melting away. The soft candle lighting, calming but erotic music, and refreshing scents of essential oils all work together to create a serene ambiance that immediately puts you at ease. Valentina is gorgeous, mannered, very beautiful in all ways. She asked me if I would like to have a drink and you can choose from a wide range of refreshments which seemed very nice. As you lay down on the comfortable and super clean bed, you can feel a sense of anticipation building up for the amazing massage that is about to take place. The skilled and soft hands of Valentina start working their magic on your body, kneading and manipulating your muscles and intimate areas with just the right amount of pressure. With each stroke, you can feel the knots and tightness in your muscles start to loosen and release, not to mention the lever of excitement….As Valentina glides on your body, you can't help but sink deeper into a state of complete relaxation but this state has its own tempo, because Valentina knows exactly how to create the most erotic and sensual atmosphere. Oh my God, yes she knows! But a tantric massage session is not just about physical relaxation, it also has incredible mental benefit, by realising the sexual tension. As Valentina glides on your body you are encouraged to focus on your breathing, letting go of any racing thoughts and just being present in the moment and relax. This amazing practice helps to calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety. As the massage session continues, you may even find yourself drifting off into another dimension. Valentina has a unique technique that I have never experienced before and to be honest, her experience and dedication are one of the ingredients that make the experience so amazing. This is a sign that your body and mind are completely at ease, allowing for deeper relaxation. The combination of physical, mental and sexual relaxation during a massage session with Valentina is truly an amazing experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, not to mention about the erotic part. But the benefits of a massage session with her don't just end once the session is over. This is the first review that I have ever left, and to be honest I have been using Aisha Massage for a while, I usually send the review by text, but Valentina deserves to be met, believe me. My one and only to repeat. Thank you Valentina !!!!!.
    • Alex on ValentinaVal is an absolute master of her craft. From the moment she welcomed me with her warm smile and calming presence, I felt completely at ease. Her hands worked like magic, tracing every contour with a skillful blend of firmness and delicacy that left me utterly relaxed. She knew exactly where to apply gentle pressure and where to knead deeper, intuitively reading my body's needs. The soothing rhythm of her movements melted away every bit of tension, creating an atmosphere that was both intimate and profoundly rejuvenating. With every touch, she skillfully transported me into a state of blissful serenity. I can't wait for my next session with her—an experience not to be missed
    • Phill on NadiaI had the most incredible experience with Nadia's tantric massage. From the moment I stepped into her welcoming sanctuary, I felt at ease. Her slender frame and positive energy created the perfect ambiance for relaxation. Nadia's skillful touch teased and caressed every inch of my body, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and deeply satisfied. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a truly unforgettable experience. Trust me, you won't regret it.
    • Petere on RebeccaRebecca's tantric massage sessions are an absolute revelation. Her skillful hands and serene presence create an atmosphere of profound relaxation and sensuality. From the moment I stepped into her private sanctuary, I felt completely at ease. Rebecca's four years of experience are evident in every movement, every touch. She has a deep understanding of the body and its desires, guiding me through an exquisite journey of pleasure and connection. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking a truly indulgent and transformative experience. Whether in her sanctuary or in the comfort of your own space, she brings an unmatched level of expertise and warmth to every session.

    If you want to go further, you can also consider using a blindfold and see how submissive you can be to someone’s sexual stimulation. The most control you give her, the more your mind will explore your imagination and limits. She will do the whole job while you will simply watch her passively. This is a great form to relax and switch off your mind, as there is absolutely no expectation and no need to return the favour. All the suspense will keep your adrenaline level high because the whole outcome is in her hands only and her purpose is to make you feel good.

    You might be surprised if your mistress comes up with some erotic objects to spice up this adventure for you and keep on touching and caressing your most intimate parts.

    We strongly recommend very good hygiene before you go for this massage, as it is a very sensitive one and both partners should smell good and fresh before they start! This will help you relax easily and jump into the game straight away. Another important part is to accept to give 100% control to your therapist so that she stimulates you the way she wants to. Our ladies are extremely talented and very attractive and will do a great job for you if you let them!

    Although they will dominate you, they will be very strict and will let you set the pace for the journey ahead. They will tease you up to the point in which you feel good and confident and want to see more of them. This teased and tantalized state will develop your intimacy levels and unblock any tension in your body and mind while preparing you for a positive feeling and a lot of endorphins. All your sexy scenarios will happen in front of your eyes as you confidently go for this erotic massage and choose to feel real pleasure!

    As the tantric euphoria is a feeling worth going for, we encourage you to have a look at our offer and book your first appointment as soon as possible. You can choose how long the massage should last, from 60 minutes up to 2 hours and which lady you would like to surrender to for this erotic adventure! You might get much more sexually confident afterwards and be ready for more!

    Tie & Tease Massage in London – adventurous to the core! Let yourself be teased with a sensual massage in London. Discover your submissive side with these soft domination sessions.