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Couples Tantric Massage

Tantric massage teaches and guides us to enjoy our bodies and uncover those extremely pleasurable areas. By opting for a couples tantric massage in London you encourage yourselves to connect and interact on a more deeper level then before. Tantric initiation sustains a deeper level of mutual affection, intimacy, complete mind and body relaxation, and allowing you and your partner to experience spiritual sexuality.
We encourage, teach and guide you through your couples tantric massage, making sure all emotions are explored, by using a multitude of tantric techniques and methods than can open new paths to tenderness, sensuality and emotional healing.
The purpose of a couples tantric massage in London is not only about reaching orgasm, but more about exploring and prolonging pleasure, healing sexual distinction.

In tantric massage you will learn the art of tantric touch, lingham massage, yoni massage for women ( also known as the female g spot) and techniques to enhance the male orgasm.
You can opt for a tantric couples massage with one or two experienced tantric therapist, sessions start from one hour, but you can always book couples tantric massage for 2 or even 3 hours, as much as you would prefer. The tantric therapist will set up a lovely and sensual ambience to put you and your partner in the right mood by using soothing music, candle light and incense as well as warm an fragranced oil to massage your bodies. You can have a chat before the massage, and discuss you’re choices and preferences, get to know and feel comfortable with one another.

If you want to add something new, and spice up you’re life, explore and discover new emotions, then tantric massage is the perfect choice for you.
We highly recommend couples tantric massage to be done with two tantric therapists.
For bookings and more information about our tantric therapists and prices please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07482752099

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