Tantric Bathing Ritual Massage

Tantric Bathing Ritual

In this cold weather we recommend a warm and super sensual tantric bathing ritual. The Aisha Aqua massage also known as Tantric bathing ritual starts with a sensuous soapy experience. Just imagine you fully unwind, floating away to pure bliss, letting go of your worries and relax, soak your muscles. Sexy music in the background playing softly, dim light and candles flickering around.

She will softly lead you to the bubble bath, gently revealing her nude body as she drops her silky robe in the process you are both into the warm bubble bath, and you will begin to connect on the most tender level using breath-work, she will then so softly and gently wash your stress away, your eyes will be seduces by her beautiful smile, your skin pampered from head to toe, leaving you on cloud 9.

We recommend this session for those who enjoy starting there tantric massage with a bubbly bath or soapy shower. Aisha aqua massage / tantric bathing ritual is offered as an extra upgrade that you can add to your chosen tantric massage session. You can opt for a tantric bathing ritual for incall tantric massage in London or outcall tantric massage in London where out skilled therapist will have all the necessary to transform your own bathroom into an calming and delightful ambience. Have a look at the masseuses gallery and book a tantric bathing ritual today.

Aisha Tantric Massage xx

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