Sensual Massage in London

If you prefer a sensual massage in London, done by one of our experienced masseuses, then this one is for you. This type of massage aims to take care of your body and is done in a calming ambiance through the use of special oil or powder, combining a mix of sensual massage techniques for full-body relaxation and tantric touch.

Aisha Massage London invites you to come and experience the absolute pleasure of Sensual Massage in London.


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    We recommend this session for newcomers, or for those who prefer a sensual approach to their massage. You can even opt for your masseuse to leave her sexy lingerie on. If you want a sensual massage performed naked, please give us a call!

    If you are running out of ideas about how to relax and disconnect from everyday life and stress, then going for a sensual massage in one of our therapist’s incall locations in Central London will turn out to be a great choice! We are delighted to present to you our high-class sensual massage services and all our talented ladies. We would be honored if you would decide to become our customer!

    Top Masseuses for Sensual Massage in London

    Booking Your Sensual Massage in London

    Sensual Massage in London – a more soft and gentle approach to our authentic massage in London. We recommend this type of session for all newcomers to the tantric world, who might be a bit shy or just looking for a more sensual session that includes the lingam massage as a lovely treat at the end. Surely will brighten up your day.

    The sensual massage offered by our therapists is the simplest way to relieve the tension and recharge yourself with good energy. We will arrange a special ambiance for you so that you will feel good from the first second with well-chosen ambiental music and clean towels. We will prepare the massage room so that the lighted candles will bring you to a state of relaxation and all your senses will come back to life.

    This adult massage is usually done with a special powder or massage oil and if you are ready to relax and let our masseuse use her skills, you will be surprised to feel the techniques of the sensual massage all over your body.

    You will recognize the tantric elements from the traditional massage and based on your needs, you might go for a lingam massage so that your session will have a happy ending. Our ladies are ready to respond to all your needs, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for their services. As you know, this massage can be done naked so it is up to you if you prefer our lady to have her lingerie on or not.

    Sensual Massage in London

    As the purpose of this special sensual massage is to help you relax, reduce anxiety and release all the tension, we know that you will love it and you will enjoy every moment. We are happy to be by your side in this sensual journey and we will prepare all the details so this experience will be just perfect for you!


    How can I prepare for my Sensual Massage in London?

    Please have a warm shower before your therapist arrives and set the room at a comfortable temperature of 22-23’C. We recommend having fresh large towels – your masseuse will use them to cover the bed and protect your bed linen. Please remain in a passive manner and refrain from alcohol and/or drugs, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of tantric massage in London.

    Can I request a specific tantric therapist?

    Yes! Some of our delightful ladies are available at short notice and some perform exquisite tantric massage on a part time basis, so we recommend you book in advance. Please visit the gallery page and give us a call for more info.

    Are the Aisha Tantric masseuses discreet?

    We are an Executive London Massage Agency, we recruit and train the best. Our delightful therapists are well mannered, they dress smart/conservative without drawing any unneeded attention to themselves, making their way to your room or residence with utmost care and discretion.

    What should I expect from Sensual Massage in London?

    Discretion! Dedication! An overall, exquisite and mind blowing tantric massage experience. We love what we do and we do it with grace and elegance. It is our aim to deliver the best tantric massage experience in London. Just give us a call and the rest is our job.

    What does it cost Sensual Massage in London?

    The rates of each of our tantric masseuses vary. Rates are listed on their Rates Page and individual masseuse.
    Latest Reviews of Our Masseuses
    • paul on Isabel:
      Perfection is not enough of a word to describe my erotic massage experience with Isabel. It was our first time together and yet she made me feel so comfortable, as if we had been seeing each other forever! Everything was perfect from the very beginning, scented candles, ambiental music.. and Isabel was a stunner. She deserves more than just 5 stars.
    • Jonas on Loren:
      Why would you not get a tantric massage yourself? Loren gets better and better any time we see each other and she is a pro, so transparent and such an expert at this. You’ll be having the time of your life just like I did, I guarantee it. Oh and she is twice as pretty in real life, made my heart stop for one sec when I looked at her
    • Andy on Megan:
      If you ever wondered whether to get an erotic massage or not or how you might feel about it, please just do it. Megan here is a pro and the sweetest human being you’ll meet. Nothing gets done without your approval and it’s nothing that you won’t love anyways. Therapeutic and relieving experience, so glad I found this
    • Bruno on Megan:
      You always hear about erotic massages and how they’re so shallow and immoral. But how can something so beautiful not be right when it feels so amazing? Megan is my best and most sensual therapist ever and I’ll be doing this any time I get a chance. Hope you can feed this back to her she’s aweeesome!