Prostate Massage London

Prostate Massage London and Male Sexuality

Want to rejuvenate your prostate power? No doubt, a prostate massage London will help. Many a man with a previously healthy and active sex life has on occasion, or in some cases, on several occasions, found himself ‘unable to get it up’. This inability to get an erection or have a weak one is a man’s nightmare come true. Seeing as most men will at some point in their lives, experience impotence, a loss of interest in sex and premature ejaculation, it is only natural to seek a way out.

Sexual health issues have led some men into experimenting with untested and dangerous drugs supposedly reputed for treating these conditions. The sad result of using these questionable ‘medicines’ forms fodder for the tabloids with stories of men who got massive erections that refused to subside hours later and some poor lady running for dear life out of a room, her woman parts sore and bruised. The tales get even more sordid as the man winds up hospitalized, screaming in pain from an ‘erect’ penis that just won’t quit. The way out of such experiences is with the best tantra massage in London.

Resolving Male Sexual Issues

Thankfully there are more natural and pleasurable ways to resolve your sexual issues that will not have you making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Our naked massage is one such elite tantric massage with quite the reputation of improving male sexual health. With this massage putting most of its focus on your prostate gland which is where a lot of male sexual issues arise, it sure isn’t hard to see why men just can’t get enough of it. While a lot of male sexuality treatment involves the swallowing of bitter pills and painful insertion of a catheter into ‘tight spots’, the Lingam massage is a much more sensual form of treatment.

Starting off with a full body massage to loosen up your nerves and get you relaxed, this sensual massage is administered by a nude and skilled masseuse whose oil covered hands, shapely posterior and soft breasts bared and in your face will further heighten your pleasure levels. A word of note – do make sure you have a bowel movement and bathe before this tantric therapy starts so you don’t become a bundle of nerves worrying about your hygiene when you should be relishing the moment.

As the masseuse continues her ministrations on your body, bouncy breasts swaying, your arousal will increase and even more so as she begins to stroke your groin, working at the pressure points. You will work with your therapist during this prostate massage on getting the right position for her to access your prostate where with one delicate finger, she can manually massage the gland.

Your arousal will increase at this point and your prostate gland will begin to produce fluid. The more aroused you become the more fluid fills your prostate gland as she continues massaging your groin till you come in the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had, your prostate completely drained of all stale fluids possibly causing blockages in your reproductive system.

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