Prostate Massage

The male prostate massage is performed on the male gland, and it has two benefits – sensual and therapeutic. This massage, also called the G-spot massage, can release some of the body’s tension and stress (found in the muscles) and can make you feel relaxed – all this is done when the muscles of the glands are gently massaged. Most men prefer the prostate massage to be done at the same time as the Lingham massage – in this way you can experience a more intense climatic ending for your preferred massage session. For those who never tried a male prostate massage before, we advise that you take this massage slowly and gently, preferably over the course of 2 to 3 massage sessions. We recommend the prostate massage to those who want to explore their senses and intensify their tantric experience. Please note that this massage cannot be booked by itself, but can be added as an upgrade to your favorite tantric massage session.

The prostate massage is a physical art that goes beyond the relief of tension to provide health benefits such as alleviating premature ejaculation and reducing blood pressure. This authentic tantric massage is a sensual art that dates way back over 2000 years ago and was mostly the preserve of ancient Asian Emperors. Highly erotic, the prostate massage involves ‘milking’ the prostate gland through manual stimulation by the nude Asian therapist’s warm and soft oil covered hands.

As an intimate part of your body, the prostate will be totally bare while experiencing this nude massage feelings of self-consciousness and concerns of if you are clean enough down there can set in and mar what is to be a relaxing experience. To prevent this, ensure you have had a bowel movement at least 30 minutes prior to the massage and a bath. The masseuse will start her ministrations on your body starting with your groin, working the pressure points, inciting arousal and a filling up the prostate with fluid till you achieve an intense orgasm that will leave your prostate completely drained of any stale fluids.

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Prostate Massage – brings many benefits to the male body. The prostate massage session paired with the sexy body to body massage in London is the best way to enjoy the full benefits of an adult sensual massage.

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