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Cast all your worries and stress away and enjoy our fantastic sensual massages, through the skilled hands of our lovely and very experienced massage therapists, here in London. Find more about our luxury massage service – either in the privacy of your home/hotel room or at one of our massage rooms, throughout London.

Treat your body and mind with a fantastic tantric massage and experience an excellent and higher state of massage awareness.


Meet our girls

You will definitely find them to be elegant, educated, warm, and very skilled in the art of tantric touch. Each one is unique and appealing in her own way. They know London very well, and most of them are available at short notice, professionals and reliable. Do you feel bored, alone or stressed? Search no more! Try our exclusive Aisha Tantric Massage and allow yourself to be taken away in a world full of erotic delights, excitement and pure bliss, pampered away by tantric models.


Featured Girls

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Are you a couple?

Aisha Tantric offers massage to men, women and as well to couples. Erotic massages are recommended to spice your love life, as well as a couple. Prepare to rediscover the sensual energy and reconnect through an intense erotic massage.

When you feel you’re in need for a mind-blowing tantric massage, look no further and give us a call! Aisha promise, It’s addictive!

Types of massages available at Aisha Massage London:

Tantric Massage

Prostate Massage

Body to Body Massage

Happy Beginning & Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage

Erotic Massage

Mutual Massage

Couples Massage

Aqua Massage / Aisha Bathing Ritual

Relaxing Massage

Yoni Massage For Women

Nuru Massage

Tie & Tease Massage

Foot Fetish Massage

Find out more about our masseuses, prices and sessions, by accessing the top menu. Also, if you have any more questions regarding our services (payments, preparation for the massage) be sure to check out the FAQ section.


What is tantric massage?

If this is the first time when you hear this concept, read the definitions and the description below to understand what erotic massage really means, to get rid of prejudices and then be able to satisfy any curiosity.
Erotic massage (also called sensuous massage) offers absolutely all of the advantages provided by the relaxing massage, the one we are all used to, either as a male or a female. However, if you’ve always considered the massage simply as a solution to relax your muscles or to feel more restful, less tense or to treat some back issues, now it’s the perfect time to find out that there is a different type of massage that you have been unaware off – the erotic massage.

Also done by the using of hands, this process is in itself a profoundly sensual experience. Today, erotic massage has come to incorporate the most efficient and appreciated techniques (from a wide range of massage styles) by dressing them in a sensual coat – this helps couples or individuals rediscover or develop their passionate side, which they believed to be non-existent or lost over the years.

As in a well-built relationship, the masseuse will satisfy the partner; the one who is massaged, just has to learn to enjoy the touch with his partner. Using some specific tools, erotic massage helps you explore your sexuality and connect better with the other person.
The benefits of erotic massage, in short:

– Erotic massage resorts to sexual energy to prolong pleasure, enhance excitement and improve sexual fulfillment

– Encourages people to express their sexual desire and passion

– It promotes the flow of energies throughout the body, thus also operating as a healing

– It brings deep relaxation

– Reveals the paradisiacal sensations of erotic touch

– It implies a high degree of freedom, incorporating different techniques and movements
Did we make you curious? Schedule an erotic massage right now, at Aisha Tantric Massages London!

Prostate Massage London

Aisha Tantric Massage Agency in London offers (G SPOT) the male prostate massage that is performed on the male gland, it has 2 main benefits -sensual and therapeutic. Prostate massage ( male g spot massage) can loosen some of the tension and stress that are in...

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Tantric Massage London

Long hours and stressful work can easily put someone down. We highly recommend you to try our exquisite tantric massage, indulge in London's finest tantric massage and welcome new experiences in your life. It is very well known that the benefits of a tantric massage...

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4 Hands Tantric Massage

Felling stressed, after a long day at work? The best cure to banish all the stress away is being pampered and caressed by beautiful tantric models. What can you expect from an tantric erotic massage on London? The finest and exquisite experience! Then double that, a tantric four...

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Tantric Bathing Ritual

In this cold weather we recommend a warm and super sensual tantric bathing ritual. The Aisha Aqua massage also known as Tantric bathing ritual starts with a sensuous soapy experience. Just imagine you fully unwind, floating away to pure bliss, letting go of your worries...

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Our Very Tantric Amy

We are truly delighted to have Amy on our tantric team! She is an astonishing young lady, having loads of experience under her belt. Amy is an expert in the art of tantric touch and she simply loves her job. Amy is sensual by nature, vibrant,...

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Couples Tantric Massage

Tantric massage teaches and guides us to enjoy our bodies and uncover those extremely pleasurable areas. By opting for a couples tantric massage in London you encourage yourselves to connect and interact on a more deeper level then before. Tantric initiation sustains a deeper level...

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Tantric massage london, erotic massage london, sensual massage london, lingam massage london, body to body massage london, nuru massage london

Benefits Of Tantric Massage

The art of Tantric has been around for 9000 years, it origins go back to India, where it was believed that sexual ritual was the wright path to a higher state of bliss and liberation. In today's life tantric massage takes the form and teachings of...

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Tantric Teaser

A short tantric story to feed your cravings "Close your eyes, let your senses heighten, let lose and escape into the divine, feel as I get closer and smell the sweet scent of my skin just as I enter in the nude, candle light flickers in...

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Tantric massage london, erotic massage london, sensual massage london, lingam massage london, body to body massage london, nuru massage london

New Tantric Treats

We are happy to announce that our tantric treats can now be combined in our new Deluxe Tantric Massage. A new and interesting massage that you can customise regarding your own preferences by adding 3 treats to the extremely popular Aisha signature body to body...

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