As Tantric massage is a particular type of erotic massage, Lingam is far from the well-known happy ending. The main difference is that the term ‘lingam’ encompasses all the male genitalia, including the penis, testis, and prostate. Lingam is often depicted as a phallic-shaped symbol and is widely used in intimate Tantric practices. A Ta

Tantric massage is not limited to lengthy, slow massage treatments. It’s all about connecting with your body’s most sensual and spiritual parts to promote better health, peace of mind, and a deeper understanding of yourself. Today, we’ll look at tantric massage in detail to see how it differs from regular massage and what to antic

Everyone knows that the primary goal of erotic practices is to make the recipient feel sexually excited. Many people enjoy erotic massage solely for the physical gratification it provides, and don’t go further than that. The world of physical sensations is varied and vast, so there’s always something for everyone: those who seek to reli

The concept of nudity has been around since the beginning of time. We all know the story of Adam and Eve; that they were both completely nude and unconstrained until they ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge in Eden. They were then mortified to see their nakedness, and both of them scrambled to […]