Mutual Massage

The tantric mutual massage is a type of session that allows you to gently caress your Aisha masseuse, to seek guidance on how to perform a tantric massage for your partner or just for your pleasure. Being part of a mutual massage can help you make a good connection with your masseuse, and along the way, you can learn new skills and techniques that will be useful in your private life. Please bear in mind that this type of massage is done at the discretion of your chosen masseuse and according to her own boundaries. We recommend this kind of session for those who like to give a massage, learn something new as well as receiving a massage at the same time. We recommend you opt for a more extended session – in this way you can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of a mutual tantric massage in London.

As most massages are one sided with you being the receiver, persons who prefer a more ‘hands on’ approach to tantra massage will absolutely love our mutual massage. With the mutual massage you also get the opportunity to give as much pleasure and relaxation to your masseuse as you are receiving. Your naked massage therapist will give you a full body massage to set the mood and relax your tense nerves after which you will have your turn massaging her nubile body slippery with massage oil. Having unfettered access to your therapist soft breasts, rounded thighs, lips and firm watching her quiver with pleasure under your touch is one of the perks of the mutual massage.

When you are both acclimatized with each other’s touch, it is time to up the desire ante and start a mutual massage of the genitalia. Your female therapist starts off this part of the massage stroking your ‘lingam’ while you simultaneously massage her ‘yoni’ all the while making eye contact, drinking in the other’s increasing arousal till an intense climax occurs.

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Featured Masseuses for Mutual Massage London

Mutual Massage – is a sensual massage in London, that caters to those who enjoy caressing gently there therapists while enjoying a sexy body to body massage. Alternatively, you can discuss and seek guidance on how to massage a woman. Is a good choice if you want to work on you’re massaging skills.

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