To many of us, the best-kept secret is that we love to touch and be touched. However, because of fear of intimacy or a rushed lifestyle, we rarely permit ourselves to relax through an erotic massage. Find our tantric massages and relax your body.

Our tantric massages are still some of the few opportunities through which we can fulfill these needs – we learn to know our sensuality, so we became more aware of all our senses. Through the sensual massages described below (available to Aisha Massage customers in London), you will discover and explore the pleasures of the body, leaving your mind in a second plan and knowing your body more deeply. Always, our tantric massages are based on ancient tantric teachings and require patience, trust and a specific ritual to create a state, ambiance and an optimal bond that can carry you on the verge of ecstasy.

Tantric Massage in London

Tantric Massage

Our tantric massage in London is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Regular massages although soothing are much different from the tantric variety. The tantra massage focuses more on a total massage of the body’s erogenous zones. Getting excited already, huh? This type of massage is a deeply therapeutic experience that reaches into your chakra (your body’s energy core) bringing on feelings of total relaxation as your body surrenders to the firm yet gentle prodding of your masseuse’s warm, oil-covered hands.

Lose your worries and allow yourself to feel her deep gaze and the warmth of her naked silky skin as she will lean forward to whisper into your ear what you will dream to hear. Her calm voice and warm aura will be the first step that your mind needs to start the tantric process. The human body has a fantastic capacity to experience pleasure to the highest levels, through all its five senses: sound, sight, taste, smell and above all that – the touch. Touch is the food for our Souls, it is an essential experience for the full development of a happy and fulfilled life experience.

Erotic Massage

Our erotic massage in London is one of a kind, without a doubt! The massage room is filled with candles, music plays slow and sexy and your masseuse is greeting you in lovely silky lingerie. Watch her slowly undress, only to reveal the softest perfect body; feast your eyes and let your body be massaged in the most sensual and erotic encounter of your life.

You will be pampered, your skin will be caressed with fine oil and rubbed by the feline body of the Aisha tantric masseuse. Why not be more adventurous and enjoy an erotic massage in London with two sexy ladies? As a single person or as a couple you are welcome to try it, spice up your life and experience something unique today – you can opt for an erotic massage with one or two of our enchanting ladies. We recommend this session for those who crave the attention and delights that an erotic massage can provide. Book a sensual massage in London today!

Erotic Massage in London
Nuru Massage in London

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage in London is done with the original Japanese gel, being an incredibly erotic and sensual experience. Your Nuru massage will start with you on the mattress, the skilled masseuse will then spread the Nuru gel all over your body using her silky nude body, providing a very intense body to body massage. This will arouse your sensitive areas and deepen your Nuru experience.

Nuru massage in London is a Japanese erotic massage technique that involves the use of an odorless, extra slippery, organic massage gel called nuru gel. Hygiene is of importance with this extremely intimate massage which you can have alongside an assisted shower. You may choose to have your nuru massage in our therapist’s massage incall location, where their showers are large enough to accommodate two people. Your masseuse will join you to give you the most sensual experience you’ve ever had.

Sensual Massage

If you prefer a sensual massage in London, done by one of our experienced masseuses, you are in the right place. This type of massage aims to take care of your body and is done in a calming ambiance using special oil or powder, combining a mix of sensual massage for full-body relaxation and tantric touch.

At the end of your session, you can opt for the lingam massage if you wish, as we know many like the warmth and gentle massage of our skilled masseuses. We recommend this session for newcomers, or for those who prefer a sensual approach to their massage. You can even opt for your masseuse to leave her sexy lingerie on. If you want a sensual massage performed naked, please give us a call!

Sensual Massage in London
Body to Body Massage in London

Body to Body Massage

Our body to body massage in London is carried out by highly trained not to mention exquisitely beautiful massage therapists. Although this highly erotic massage will start with the traditional massage where the therapist uses her hands to knead all the tension out of your pressure points, the body to body massage is a naked massage with a twist.

The masseuse uses her supple, naked body as a tool to massage your equally nude body. She covers her entire body with fragrant massage oil and yours as well, as she slides her supple breasts over your chest and back.

Yoni Massage for Women

Yoni massage is an intimate and sensual massage of a female body. Each woman is different and has a different way in her journey of exploring a Yoni massage (in Hinduism, Yoni refers to the female genitalia, regarded as a divine symbol of sexual pleasure and matrix of generation and the visible form of Sakti).

Combining Tantric massage with Yoni massage can produce different blissful reactions in each woman – it has taught many how to reach multiple orgasms and has improved the intimate way to connect with their partners. The Yoni massage aims to provide the experience of relaxation, touch and pleasure to a woman. We recommend this massage to all the ladies that want to learn how to discover and pleasure the sensitive area of their erogenous parts.

Yoni Massage in London
Happy Ending Massage in London

Happy Ending Massage

A purely sensual and exquisite type of massage – all our masseuses are trained to provide a slow and exciting happy ending massage in London. There can be more than one approach to a happy ending massage, just pick the one that suits your needs best. Our Aisha masseuses are professionals and they can offer you a beautiful and long climax delay, by building up the tension and then letting you relax for a while – in this way, each time you will build up much more and at the end, you can reach the most thrilling and blissful climax.

A happy ending massage in London can have many benefits for the body, and it can even help with premature ejaculation. Every session that you choose has the happy ending massage (also known as Lingham massage) included. When you want a more sensual approach than just a standard massage, just try our happy ending massage, here at Aisha Massage London.

Couples Massage

Couples massage in London is a great way to bond and revive your sexual fires while spending quality time with your other half. The two of you laid down, side by side on a massage bed with sensual music playing softly in the background, scented candles releasing their fragrance and warm yellow candlelights casting their glow over your naked bodies while our therapist massages your bodies will get you relaxed and build up your sexual energy levels. Our couples massage is a very intimate experience where you can both chat and reconnect in a more relaxed setting with the soothing feel of your bodies getting de-stressed.

If you need to spice up or just add something new to your life, our Tantric Couples massage is the perfect choice to reconnect and explore your intimacy. This is a real treat that allows you to make the emotional bond stronger and discover new emotions in each other that you might have forgotten. We recommend Couples massage done with two masseuses.

Couples Massage in London
Prostate Massage in London

Prostate Massage

The prostate massage is a physical art that goes beyond the relief of tension to provide health benefits such as easing premature ejaculation and reducing blood pressure. This authentic tantric massage is a sensual art that dates way back over 2000 years ago and was mostly the preserve of ancient Asian Emperors. Highly erotic, the prostate massage involves massaging the prostate gland through manual stimulation by the nude therapist’s warm and soft oil-covered hands.

As an intimate part of your body, the prostate will be totally bare, while experiencing this nude massage feelings of self-consciousness and excitement will bring into your life a new dimension of this erotic moment.

Happy Beginning Massage

A happy beginning massage in London is one where a lingam massage comes first a sensual touch. As the massage is always a good idea to relax your senses and heal your body from any energetic blocks, a massage with a happy beginning is intended to ease the tension from the very beginning and start the massage afterward.

You can book a happy beginning massage in London with one of our therapists and let yourself be gently touched all over your body. Depending on how much time you have to spend on a massage, you can choose between 60 minutes and two hours and you can ask our lady to be as gentle as you want her to be.

Happy Beginning Massage in London
Mutual Massage in London

Mutual Massage

The mutual massage in London is a type of session that allows you to gently caress your Aisha masseuse, to seek guidance on how to perform a massage for your partner or just for your pleasure. Being part of an erotic massage experience, mutual massage can help you make a good connection with your masseuse and along the way, you can learn new skills and techniques that will be useful in your private life.

Please bear in mind that this type of massage is done at the discretion of your chosen masseuse and according to her boundaries. We recommend this kind of session for those who like to give a massage, learn something new as well as receive a massage at the same time. We recommend you choose a more extended session – in this way you can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of a mutual massage in London.

Aqua Massage / Aisha Bathing Ritual

Aisha Aqua massage in London or the Aisha bathing ritual starts with a sensual soapy experience. Just imagine you fully unwind and float away to pure bliss. You let go of your worries and relax by warming and relaxing your body.

Sexy music plays softly in the background, dim lights and candles are flickering around. She will gently lead you to the bubble bath, slowly revealing her nude body as she drops her silky robe for the most exciting part to follow.

Aqua Massage in London
Tie & Tiese Massage in London

Tie & Tease Massage

Dare and explore your deepest desires with Tie & Tease Massage in London by submerging yourself in a world of dark sensuality, where you will be teased and pleased until the very end. The tie & tease massage is all about exploring one’s fantasies and only by letting go of the control you will find all your senses to be enhanced, little by little, as the experience becomes even more profound.

You will surrender into the expert hands of your Aisha Mistress, that will use various accessories and her imagination, combined with dark techniques, that will leave your heart pounding for more. We recommend a tie & tease massage for those who understand pleasure at a whole new level and dare to uncover true erotic satisfaction.

Foot Fetish Massage

Our foot fetish massage is the perfect treat for you if something about a woman’s stylish, well-pedicured feet just gets you all fired up. Our beautiful masseuse with her delicate feet ensconced in sexy high heels, cute painted toes sticking through and a fishnet pantyhose giving you glimpses of that fresh, feminine skin beneath you is the stuff of many a foot fetishist’s dreams.

With our foot fetish massage, you get to worship these sexy feet at close range. Kiss them, hug them, whatever you decide is needed to give you maximum pleasure from these fine feet will be agreed together with your masseuse.

Foot Fetish Massage in London
Lingam Massage in London

Lingam Massage

This highly erotic massage is dedicated purely to your lingam, which is the traditional name in tantra of the male genitalia. Our lingam massage is no rushed performance from a tired partner but a pleasurable experience in which the sexy therapist of your choice gives you a full body to body massage getting your body familiar with her soothing touch by easing out the tension. Her sensual movements on your chest, thighs and arms with her soft hands sliding down to your nether regions and gently caressing every inch of your body with fragrant massage oil will have you thrilling with desire, in a sexual frenzy desperate for release.

The time for orgasm though is not yet. With our lingam massage, our experienced therapists will bring you to the edge of desire and take you down again, switching techniques to intensify the arousal and prolong the attention till you finally release like never before.

Naked Massage

Naked Massage in London – one of the most sensual types of massages you can think of and a soft approach to the authentic massage, found at Aisha in London. Whether you’ve already had this type of massage already or not, it is recommended to anyone with an open mindset or no inhibitions, as well as anyone who wants to loosen up a bit and experience a unique pleasure.

Our therapists have the best solution for you to unwind, get rid of the stress and boost your self confidence by providing an amazing naked massage. With the most incredible ambiance arranged for you, everything will feel amazing the moment you step into our salon. Scented candles, very carefully chosen ambiental music, clean towels and dimmed lights. The massage room is prepared accordingly and it will surely make you feel comfortable and ready to loosen up.

Naked Massage in London

If you have just arrived in London and you need some stress relief, why not pop in for an incall tantric massage? Your visit to London would be incomplete if you do not try our tantric massages to experience a more personal and intimate kind of treat in the form of a tantric body to body massage.

Massages are among the oldest healing methods of humanity and with a variety of massage types available, choosing the right one is often not that easy.

Most types of massage are fundamentally different because they target different treatment methods and treatment goals. The differences are already apparent in the mode of action they have on your body. The selection is large and you can choose from a wide range of massage options.

In the tantric massage incall locations, our skilled therapists offer different kinds of massage to meet various needs. Not sure which to pick? Read on to see some of our incredibly soothing massage options.
Now that you are aware of the different types of tantric massages, why not visit us?

After your massage is over, you can explore London, an old city with famous bridges, entire streets lined edge to edge with shops, tourist attractions and of course Victorian architecture. Remember those designer suits you’ve had your sights set on?

Now that you have landed in London, you are in the home of Savile Row and Harrods. Don’t forget to take a ride to the famous Big Ben while visiting. That is an experience enjoyable only in London.

4 Hands Massage London

The 4 hands massage is one of our most sought-after services in luxury tantric massage for those who want to go all the way to self-care. This luxury massage, as the name gives away involves the use of two sets of hands attached to two of our skilled massage therapists working on your body in synchronized rhythm bringing you to sexual nirvana.

With a 4 hands massage, you have signed on for double the sensations, bliss and eye candy. With our array of alluring masseuses, this is your moment to fulfill every erotic desire as you pick two women of your dreams to caress your body.

The beauty of the 4 hands massage is that it can be combined with quite a number of other different tantric massages such as the mutual massage or happy beginning massage. As this is a highly erotic naked massage, you may choose to enjoy it within the confines of your hotel suite with our visiting massage service.

Hotel Massage in London

Our hotel massage option is popular among visitors or tourists to London who want to experience pampering without having to leave their hotel rooms. If you are finding yourself tensed up and requiring some special massage techniques to make you comfortable enough to finish that report ahead of the meeting you’ll be holding the next day, it is the perfect time to call for our hotel massage in London.

Our hotel massage is a very discreet and professional service performed by skilled and well-trained, sexy therapists. With us, you have the guarantee of experiencing a genuine tantric body to body massage. Taking a shower before your therapist arrives is all the preparation you need to do. A clean body will make the experience more soothing for whichever massage you’ve chosen for the therapist to perform.

Incall Massage London

Are you interested in exploring London, getting to know new places and getting pampered while in here, all on a budget? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then our incall massage in London is just the right package for you. By coming to our therapist’s massage incall locations, you get to enjoy pampering by far on a grander scale than you ever thought it was possible.

Our therapist’s massage rooms are sensually designed to set the mood for your relaxation and satisfaction. From the scented candles, extremely attractive masseuse, warm, yellow lights casting their glow over your naked body to the romantic music playing softly in the background, our incall massage in London will prepare your mind and body for the bliss that is about to come on your way.

As you have come to us, you have the added benefit of cutting off the travel costs of the masseuse coming to you. With the therapist in their place of work and all necessary equipment set up, you cannot worry about the hassle of them taking time to set up your place for the session.