For many of us, the best-kept secret is that we love to touch and be touched. However, because of fear of intimacy or rushed lifestyle, we rarely permit ourselves to relax through an erotic massage.

Erotic massages are still some of the few opportunities through which we can fulfill this need – we come to know our sensuality, we become more aware of all our senses. Through the sensual messages described below (available to Aisha Massage customers in London), you will discover and develop the pleasures of the body, leaving your mind in a second plane and knowing our body more deeply. Always, the erotic massage is based on ancient tantric teachings and requires patience, trust, and a specific ritual to create a state, ambiance and an optimal bond that can carry you on the verge of ecstasy.


Tantric Massage  

Lose your worries and allow to feel her deep gaze, and warmth of her naked silky skin as she will lean forward to whisper into your ear, her calm voice and warm aura will be the first step that your mind needs to start the tantric process. The human body has a fantastic capacity to experience pleasure to the highest levels, through all it’s five senses: sound, sight, taste, smell and above all that – the touch. Touch is the food for our Souls, it is an essential experience for the full development of a happy and fulfilled life experience. Through tantric massage you will find the touch of the human body to be crucial, you will be lead into a warm and calm ambiance, your worries will disappear, time will dissolve and you will enter into a complete and divine state of oblivion. Step into a new level of emotional sensitivity that will lead to a more stronger flow of physical intimacy and a connection that will amplify the pleasure, a complete and unique body and mind orgasm. We recommend this session for those who want to receive tender attention, sensual pleasure that will calm the entire being, body, mind, and soul. Discover the bliss of the tantric massage today!


Prostate Massage

The male prostate massage is performed on the male gland, and it has two benefits – sensual and therapeutic. This massage, also called the G-spot massage, can release some of the body’s tension and stress (found in the muscles) and can make you feel relaxed – all this is done when the muscles of the glands are gently massaged. Most men prefer the prostate massage to be done at the same time as the Lingham massage – in this way you can experience a more intense climatic ending for your preferred massage session. For those who never tried a male prostate massage before, we advise that you take this massage slowly and gently, preferably over the course of 2 to 3 massage sessions. We recommend the prostate massage to those who want to explore their senses and intensify their tantric experience. Please note that this massage cannot be booked by itself, but can be added as an upgrade to your favorite tantric massage session.


Body to Body

“Close your eyes, let your senses heighten, let loose and escape into the divine, feel as I get closer and smell the sweet scent of my skin just as I enter in the nude, candlelight flickers in the background. I am a true Goddess, a perfect vision of grace and beauty that fills your hungry eyes. My perfect body is nicelly shaped; it has lovely curves; the hair is flowing on my naked back and is touching my silky skin; feel my nude against your’s, slowly moving along every inch of your body, teasing you to your delight”. This is a short description of the ‘oh-so-popular’ body to body massage, shared by one of our sweet Aisha masseuses. We highly recommend two sexy Aisha masseuses to perform an intense body to body massage that will prove to be impossible to forget.


Happy Begining & Happy Ending

Dare and be adventurous! Experience the mind-blowing tantric massage with both a happy beginning and happy ending. Allow yourself to discharge all that sexual energy through an intense orgasmic release. Your masseuse will help you balance the sexual energies using some tantric techniques that can stimulate intensely and create deep emotional feelings, not once, but twice. We highly recommend having a more prolonged session during this massage, preferably 90 or 120 minutes; in this way you can unwind and relax with a tantric massage in between the happy beginning & happy ending. If you feel extra adventurous, you can add the male G-spot to your session.


Happy Ending Massage

It is a purely sensual, naturistic treat that is the cherry on top – all our masseuses are trained to provide a slow or racy happy ending massage. There can be more than one approach to a happy ending massage, just pick the one that suits your needs best. Our Aisha masseuses are professionals and they can offer a beautiful and long climax delay, by building up the tension and then letting you relax for a while – in this way, each time you will build up much more, and at the end, you can reach the most exciting and blissful climax. A happy ending massage can have many benefits for the body, and it can even help with premature ejaculation. Every session that you choose has the happy ending massage (or also known as Lingham massage) included. When you want a more sensual approach than just a standard massage, just try our happy ending massage, here at Aisha Massage in London.


Erotic Massage

Our erotic massage is one of a kind, without a doubt! The massage room is filled with candles, the music plays slow and sexy, and your masseuse is greating you in lovely silky lingerie. Watch her slowly undress, only to reveal the softest perfect body; feast your eyes and let your body be massaged in the most sensual and erotic encounter of your life. You will be pampered; your skin will be caressed with fine oil and rubbed by the feline body of the Aisha masseuse. Why not be more adventurous and enjoy an erotic massage in London with two sexy ladies? As a single person or as a couple you are welcome to try it, spice up your life and experience something unique today – you can opt for an erotic massage with one, two or more of our enchanting ladies. We recommend this session for those who crave for the attention and delights that an erotic massage can provide. Book a sensual massage in London today!


Mutual Massage

The tantric mutual massage is a type of session that allows you to gently caress your Aisha masseuse, to seek guidance on how to perform a tantric massage for your partner or just for your pleasure. Being part of a mutual massage can help you make a good connection with your masseuse, and along the way, you can learn new skills and techniques that will be useful in your private life. Please bear in mind that this type of massage is done at the discretion of your chosen masseuse and according to her own boundaries. We recommend this kind of session for those who like to give a massage, learn something new as well as receiving a massage at the same time. We recommend you opt for a more extended session – in this way you can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of a mutual tantric massage in London.



If you need to spice up or just add something new to your life, the Tantric massage is the perfect manner in which you can reconnect to and explore your intimacy. The Tantric couples massage is a real treat that allows you to make the emotional bond stronger, and discover new emotions in one another that you might have forgotten. We recommend Couples massage to be done with two masseuses.


Aqua Massage / Aisha Bathing Ritual

Aisha Aqua massage/ Aisha bathing ritual starts with a sensual soapy experience. Just imagine you fully unwind and float away to pure bliss; you let go of your worries and relax, you soak your muscles. Sexy music plays softly in the background, dim light and candles are flickering around. She will gently lead you to the bubble bath, slowly revealing her nude body as she drops her silky robe in the process. You are both into the warm bubble bath and you begin to connect on the most intimate level; using breath-work, she will then so tenderly wash your stress away. Your eyes will be seduced by her beautiful smile, your skin pampered from head to toe, leaving you on cloud nine. We recommend this session for those who enjoy starting their tantric massage with a bubbly bath or soapy shower. Aisha aqua massage/bathing ritual is offered as an extra upgrade that you can add to your chosen tantric massage session.


Relaxing Massage

If you prefer a more natural relaxing massage, done by one of our experienced Aisha masseuses, then this one is for you. This type of massage aims to take care of your body and is done in a calming ambiance through the use of oil or powder, combining a mix of Swedish massage for full body relaxation and tantric touch. You can opt for the Lingham massage if you wish, as we know many like the warmth and gently massage of our skilled girls. We recommend this session for newcomers, or for those who prefer a tantric approach to their massage. You can even opt for your masseuse to leave her sexy lingerie on. If you want a relaxing natural massage performed in the nude, please give us a call.


Yoni Massage FPR Women

The Yoni massage is an intimate and sensual massage of the female body. Each woman is different and has a different place in her journey to explore a Yoni massage (in Hinduism, Yoni refers to the female genitalia, regarded as a divine symbol of sexual pleasure and matrix of generation and the visible form of Sakti). Combining Tantric massage with Yoni massage, it can produce different blissful reactions to each woman – it has taught many on how to reach multiple orgasms and has improved the intimate way to connect with one’s partner. The Yoni massage aims to provide the experience of relaxation, touch, and pleasure to a woman. We recommend this massage to all the ladies that want to learn how to discover and pleasure the sensitive area of the genitalia.


Nuru Massage

NNuru massage is done with the original Japanese gel, being an incredibly erotic and sensual experience. Your Nuru massage will start with you on the mattress; the skilled masseuse will then spread the Nuru gel all over your body using her silky nude body, providing a very intense body to body massage; this will arrouse your sensitive areas and deepen your Nuru experience. All masseuses are different and have distinct techniques that they prefer to use during their Nuru massage sessions: some will add a drop of warm oil to reduce the sticky feel that can occur due to repeated sliding of the body. But have no doubt – this racy slippery Nuru massage is very popular worldwide and the sensations that a Nuru massage can provide are unique and erotic. You can have a look at our gallery and choose your Nuru masseuse today!

Tie & Tease Massage

Dare and explore your deepest desires, by submerging yourself to a world of dark sensuality, where you will we teased and pleased until the very end. The tie & tease massage is all about exploring one’s fantasies and only by letting go of the control you will find all your senses to be enhanced, little by little, as the experience becomes even more profound. You will surrender into the expert hands of your Aisha Mistress, that will use various accessories and her imagination, combined with dark techniques, that will leave your heart pounding for more.
We recommend a tie & tease massage for those who understand pleasure at a whole new level and dare to uncover true erotic satisfaction.


Foot Fetish Massage

Are you a feet lover? If you just adore to caress and be caressed by pretty feet, then this is the session for you. Our gorgeous therapist will use warm oil and her perfectly pedicured feet to massage and arouse you, until the last moment. If you would like to add color to your day, you can ask for your therapist to have freshly done red polish pedicure (also classic french is never out of style) – just give us a call and we can arrange that for you.

You can always show your devotion by massaging, pampering and cherishing these beautiful feet, as they love it!