Our Tantric Massages

For many of us, the best-kept secret is that we love to touch and be touched. However, because of fear of intimacy or rushed lifestyle, we rarely permit ourselves to relax through an erotic massage. Find our tantric massages and relax your body.

Our tantric massages are still some of the few opportunities through which we can fulfill this need – we come to know our sensuality, we become more aware of all our senses. Through the sensual messages described below (available to Aisha Massage customers in London), you will discover and develop the pleasures of the body, leaving your mind in a second plane and knowing our body more deeply. Always, our tantric massages is based on ancient tantric teachings and requires patience, trust, and a specific ritual to create a state, ambiance and an optimal bond that can carry you on the verge of ecstasy.

If you have just arrived in London and are in need of some stress relief, why not pop in for an incall tantric massage? Your visit to London would be incomplete if you not try our tantric massages and without experiencing a more personal and intimate kind of treat in the form of our tantric body to body massage. Massages are among the oldest healing methods of humanity. With the variety of types of massage available, however, choosing the right method is often not that easy.

Most types of massage are fundamentally different because they target different treatment methods and treatment goals. The differences are already apparent in the mode of action on the body. The selection is large and you can choose from a wide range of massage options.

Our tantric massages rooms offer different kinds of massages to meet various needs. Not sure which to pick? Read on to see some of our incredibly soothing massage options.

Now you are aware of the different types of tantric massages, why not pay us a visit? After your massage is over, you can explore London, an old city rife with famous bridges, entire streets lined edge to edge with shops, tourist attractions and of course Victorian architecture. Remember those designer suits you’ve had your sights set on? Now that you have landed in London, you are in the home of Savile Row and Harrods. Don’t forget to take a ride on the famous Big Ben while visiting. That is an experience enjoyable only in London.

4 Hands Massage London

The 4 hands massage is one of our most sought after service in luxury tantric massage for those who want to go all the way in self-care. This luxury massage, as the name gives away involves the use of two sets of hands attached to two of our skilled massage therapists working on your body in synchronized rhythm bringing you to sexual nirvana. Our tantric therapy, London in itself is a lot to write home about. With a 4 hands massage, you have signed on for double the sensations, bliss and eye candy. With our array of alluring masseuse, this is your moment to fulfill every erotic desire as you pick two women of your dreams to cater to your body.

The beauty of the 4 hands massage is that it can be combined with quite a number of our other elite tantric massage such as the lingam massage or happy ending massage. As this is a highly erotic naked massage, you may choose to enjoy it within the confines of your hotel suite with our visiting massage service.

Lingam Massage London

This highly erotic massage is dedicated purely to your lingam, wich is the traditional name in tantra of the male genitalia. Our lingam massage is no rushed performance from a tired partner but a pleasurable experience in which the sexy therapist of your choosing gives you a full body massage getting your body familiar with her soothing touch and ease out the tension. Her ministrations on your chest, thighs and arms with her soft hands sliding down to your nether regions gently caressing your shaft with fragrant massage oil will have you throbbing with desire, in a sexual frenzy desperate for release.

The time for orgasm though is not yet. With our lingam massage our seasoned therapists will bring you to the brink of desire and take you down again, switching techniques to heighten arousal and prolong attention till you finally orgasm like never before.

Hotel Massage in London

Our hotel massage option is popular among visitors or tourists to London who want to experience pampering without having to leave their hotel rooms. Should you find yourself requiring tensed up with kinks in your body getting in the way of you being comfortable enough to finish that report ahead of the meeting you’ll be holding the next day, it is time to call for our hotel massage in London.

Our hotel massage is a very discreet and professional service performed by skilled and well trained, sexy therapists. With us you are guaranteed of experiencing a genuine tantric body to body massage. Taking a shower at least thirty minutes before your therapist arrives is all the preparation you need do. A clean body will make for a more soothing experience for whichever massage you’ve chosen for the therapist to perform.

Incall Massage London

Are you interested in exploring London, getting to know new places and getting pampered while at it, all on a budget? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then our incall massage is just the right package for you. With you coming to our massage parlor, you get to enjoy pampering on a far grander scale than you ever thought possible. Our massage rooms are sensually designed to set the mood for your relaxation and satisfaction. From the scented candles, extremely attractive masseuse, warm, yellow lights casting their glow over your naked body to the romantic music playing softly in the background, our incall massage in London will prepare your mind and body for the bliss that is about coming its way.

As you have come to us, you have the added benefit of cutting off logistics costs of the masseuse coming to you. With the therapist in their place of work and all necessary equipment more within reach, you can get the full outcall massage experience sans the hassle of them taking time to set up your place for the massage.

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