The Most Sensual Massage in Paddington, London

The name Paddington just calls to mind a little bear of children’s literature fame with its cute red hat and Sherlock Holmes style trench coat. Besides the life sized bronze statue of Paddington bear at the Paddington Station though, that is about it for bears in the district. Stately Georgian townhouses and contemporary office buildings are a lot more in the majority. Hotels are not left out with the Blakemore Hyde Park and Norfolk Towers lining the streets of Paddington where you can book yourself a hotel massage right from the comfort of your room.

Experienced Body to Body Massage, Paddington

With more and more innovations to make life easier coming at us on regular, it only makes sense to avail ourselves of these. Orders can be placed for pizzas, clothes and even wives in some cases via telephone and it is in your hands moments later. Sensual massages have not been left out either as a call to our massage parlour is all it takes to have a gorgeous therapist appear at your doorstep, massage tool kit in hand and her sexy self for a very special one on one session sure to leave you a very happy man.

Should you find yourself tossing and turning, unable to sleep at night, body all bound up in knots, don’t suffer in silence – give us a call. We are open 24 hours all week, so even if this situation happens at midnight, you can still salvage what’s left of the night with a soothing body to body massage.

In 30 minutes post call, you masseuse will be at the doorstep ready to set the mood with some scented candles and soft lights after which a rub down with massage oil to work out those tension knots starts. She herself will in turn rub herself all over with oil and grind all over you with her shapely body as an erotic massage tool till you are completely relaxed.

Most Pleasurable Erotic Massage, Paddington

After that good night worth of sleep following the body to body massage rescue service, it’s time to see Paddington Bear in the flesh or ‘in the bronze’ in this case. It would be sinful to leave Paddington, London without hugging the beloved bear. Get a feel of Italy while in Paddington with a canal boat ride from Little Venice to Camden.

Please feel free to contact us via phone no. 07482752099 or email, we are happy to help.