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Regents Park with its formal gardens and attractive flower beds featuring over 12,000 roses is one of the largest parks in London. With a sports arena which is the largest in Central London, Regents Park is one place you be all day and not even notice the hours go by. As it is a wetland, Regent Park London is home to about a 100 species of bird and other wildlife. This is a great place to be at one with nature. Immerse yourself even deeper into nature with a naked massageRegents Park in your most natural form.

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The overtly natural tone set by Regents Park with all that greenery and wildlife can have you seeking more ways than one to be in unison with nature, tapping deep into your inner core. That is where we come in. A prostate massageRegents Park will help you reach into that inner core albeit in a sensually fulfilling way.
This highly intimate, tantric massage dates back to over 2,000 since when this art of milking the prostate has been researched and advanced upon as a means to clear the urinary tract of stale cancer causing fluids, reduce erectile dysfunction and reduces stress among its many benefits.
With a nubile, gorgeous and well trained masseuse giving a full body incall massage Regents Park to relax you, she will eventually fully concentrate her ministrations on your crotch area. As your prostate gland gets manually manipulated, your sexual desire increases and your prostate will begin to fill up with fluid. The fluid buildup is a very erotic experience with your sexual desire climaxing till her skilled hands coax your prostate gland to a release of gargantuan proportions. This erotic massage Regents Park can be very relaxing so much that just want to hit the sack right away. With our visiting massage option, you can totally make it happen whether in your London Marriott Regents Park Hotel or your Radisson Blu Hotel suite. You can even opt for a couple massage Regents Park if your other half is up for it.

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When you finally come up for air after all that nude massage Regents Park induced bliss, you really should continue your commune with nature with a visit to the ZSL Zoo in Regents Park, London. The zoo boasts of a lion breeding center as well as a pair of giant Galapagos tortoises. They are even named Dirk and Dolly just like a regular British couple. Is that cute or what?


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