Tantric Massage in Notting Hill Gate, London

Notting Hill Gate, although a major thoroughfare in Notting Hill, is not to be confused with the affluent Notting Hill District of West London, which is north of Kensington. The street referred to as Notting Hill Gate is more to the south. In more recent times though, Notting Hill Gate has been a melting pot of restaurants, café, boutiques and of course our private massage place where you can get one good hour of a thorough professional massage.


No matter which of our masseuses you find yourself drawn to, you can rest assured that you will get the best massage ever. Notting Hill Gate offers a lot to keep you entertained, but certainly nothing as relaxing and capable of bringing such satisfaction as a tantric massage. In today’s fast paced world, the liberating feeling of being in the buff and letting it all hang out is a pleasure almost as extinct as dinosaurs. In our massage salons though, you can fully bask in the sheer deliciousness of a naked massage with the ecstasy dialled turned up to the max as a gorgeous naked therapist gives you a thorough rub down.

With all your senses alive and tingling, fully responsive under your masseuse’s masterful touch, her hands stroke downward towards your nether regions, you will experience the wonder of a sensual massage. As all attention is now being focused on you, sexual excitement builds higher and higher as her hands work their magic until you explode in a burst of pleasure.


If you can hold off the post tantric massage urge to sleep long enough, you might want to check out the Portobello Market. A visit to that famous market with its row upon row of stores stocked with antiques and vintage items, second hand clothes and of course the intercontinental food from distant locations the world over is not to be missed.

Feel free to contact us at 07482752099 or via email on info@aishamassage.com. The Aisha Massage London team is always happy to help.