The Most Sensual Tantric Massage in Kensington, London

Kensington, London is an affluent district in West London with its commercial nerve center located in the Kensington High Street. Lovely Victorian buildings are a regular feature in this district with tourists from far and wide getting drawn to the museums, boutiques, antiques stores and viewings of the stately architecture. Sightseeing and window shopping are activities requiring a lot of walking. Let us ease off all that post walking tension for you in our incall massage Kensington with one of the best massages in London you’ve ever had.

Book an Experienced Body to Body Massage, Kensington

As you and the Missus have finally been able to get away from your usual grind back home, why not make this vacation to Kensington extra memorable and drop by our salon for a couples massage Kensington?
Our mutual massage Kensington come with access to a hot tub where you two lovebirds can lounge naked, champagne, fruits and other sweetmeats within easy reach for you to feed each other in a romantic gesture. Watching your partner’s sexual responses and bodily cues in response to the masseuse ministrations gives you insight into what arouses your partner. The ambience of you both in a warm room with pale yellow mood lights, scented candles casting their glow, soaking in the hot tub with bubbling hot water tainted with scented oil is like waking up as a romance novel character.
A tantric massage Kensington is a great way to reconnect with your spouse and rekindle dormant desires. You and your spouse in a private room, side by side on massage table with two, professional therapists kneading knots of tension and pressure out of both your bodies, massage oil facilitating the movements makes for a very sensual massage Kensington.
Want us to visit you in your private room? Whether you are staying at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London or the Kensington Court Hotel, there are no limits where we can drop in for the outcall massage Earls Court service.

Most Pleasurable Erotic Massage, Kensington

With you and the missus enjoying such physical reconnection via nuru massage Kensington, keeping your hands off each other could understandably be a real struggle. Hold your horses enough to actually discover Kensington. At least finish your shopping at Harrods, visit Portobello Market with its antique and jewelry stores and sampling some of that foreign cuisine in the restaurants there before rushing off to your room to go at it like rabbits.

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