The Most Sensual Tantric Massage in Fitzrovia, London

The Central London district of Fitrovia with parts of it cutting through both the city of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden, is a mixed community of the wealthy home owners, council owned housing, celebrity homes as well as hotels, pubs and our Fitzrovia salon where we offer luxury tantric massages. Fitzrovia was home to famous writers such as George Bernard Shaw. Lots of business owners have made Fitzrovia their base as the number of advertising and architectural companies.

Experienced Body to Body Massage, Fitzrovia

You really shouldn’t even dream of leaving Fitzrovia with all opulence going on with it without having a little ‘slice’ of it for yourself with a visit to our salon for an elite tantric massage. If you ever needed a reason to be selfish, then a tantric massage just for your pleasure is it. It is one time where you really don’t need to share.

A private session with a well-trained, nude and lovely masseuse working on your body, skilled hands caring for you, stroking all that pent up tension out of your muscles is an intimate experience best lived.

There is no man born of woman who undergoes this level of physical nurturing in an ambience made all the more romantic with soft yellow lights, scented candles and slow music filling the atmosphere without getting very aroused. Rather than suffering through such sexual tension, your masseuse can relieve you of it by you simply adding on a happy ending massage bringing you to a thunderous climax of pure bliss.

Most Pleasurable Erotic Massage, Fitzrovia

A visit to Fitzrovia would hardly be complete without a visit to the lofty BT communications tower. Standing proud at 191 meters, you summiting this 54 year old engineering master will give you quite a tingle as you gaze upon the beautiful city of London spread out below you. Not as sensual a tingle as the one you reveled in during your happy ending massage, but a tingle nonetheless. Soothe your frayed nerves when back on terra firma with a cold mug of British beer at the Fitzroy Tavern.

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