Lingam Massage in London

The lingam massage is one of the best experiences to have at least once in a lifetime, and it can teach you how to relax, take on new adventures much easier, control your energy and guide it in the right way. Finishing the job is not the main goal of the massage, but it can surely add a nice and pleasant touch to the session. The Lingam Massage is very often practiced for health and even psychotherapeutic purposes, to help you recover from both physical and mental pain.

Aisha Massage London invites you to come and experience the absolute pleasure of an Lingam Massage in London.


    Aisha Massage London

    Why should you try the Lingam Massage in London?

    There are plenty of benefits to the lingam massage other than bodily pleasure, even though it is essentially intended to be a sexual experience.

    The tantric practices, just like the lingam massage, are meant to help with healing the body regardless of their sexual nature. A lingam massage can help you recover from past sufferings. It can also increase your sexual appetite and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, combined with relieving build-up stress.

    No matter if you are interested in increasing your sexual stamina or simply want to take pleasure in sex more, this massage encourages you to embrace this in the most transparent and yet safe place. The masseuses at Aisha are one of the most seductive and professional ladies you will ever meet, and they will offer you the best feeling of your life.

    Mindfulness practice can even be developed the more lingam massages you enjoy, that is if you are a spiritual person. And not to worry, this type of massage is not only addressed to men, but to women as well, and it aims to explore their intimate parts in the most sensual ways.

    Choose your preferred masseuse right now, and allow yourself to feel the pleasure of a lifetime in our professional salon.

    Top Masseuses for Lingam Massage in London

    Booking Your Lingam Massage in London

    In the Tantric philosophy, the lingam or genital organ is approached with maximum respect and love, as it contains an extraordinary amount of sexual energy within itself. During the lingam massage you will experience more and more pleasure gradually, which could end up as an explosion of multiple orgasms.

    Professional, sensual and highly skilled, our beautiful masseuses will make sure that you are treated well, and experience the best lingam massage of your life. Relaxation is key, so make yourself comfortable as you feel the masseuse’s fabulous touch all over your body, until you are fully relieved of any tension. She will also help you control your breathing in such a way that your awakened sensual energy will be better felt, encouraging you to be more emphatetic and increase your sexual intuition.

    At Aisha, we take pride in professionalism and quality, so one of our lovely ladies will be taking care of your every need and they will make sure you are feeling as comfortable and as welcome as possible, to get you ready for the most memorable experience in your life and arouse you with a lingam massage.

    All you need to do is keep an open mind before and during the session as well, lay comfotably naked on the massge bed and allow our masseuse to start the massage. A good idea would be to also have a shower before your session and begin with a sensual massage to get you prepared for what is about to come. Our lady will move her hands carefully and sensually, stimulate every part of your body and pay special attention to your erogenous zones.

    The lingam massage begins well before you have arrived, as our masseuse will create a sacred space for you that will feel warm and inviting, by lighting some candles, puttin on some meditative music, or dimming the lights. The massage oils are prepared as they help with reducing friction and increase the pleasant sensation during the session. These oils can have fragrance or not, but a scented oil can help increase both arousal and awareness for the participants. They usually include olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil and the best massage oils are usually natural and hypoallergenic.

    Lingam Massage in London

    The gorgeous masseuse will start the massage by focusing on the peripheral areas, such as the lower abdomen, upper thighs or inner thighs. She will move her hands slowly and gently across your entire body, setting the atmosphere for the most sensual experience ever. The whole purpose of the lingam massage is to take it slow and really feel all the pleasurable sensations run through your body.

    Lingam MASSAGE FAQs

    How can I prepare for my Lingam Massage in London?

    Please have a warm shower before your therapist arrives and set the room at a comfortable temperature of 22-23’C. We recommend having fresh large towels – your masseuse will use them to cover the bed and protect your bed linen. Please remain in a passive manner and refrain from alcohol and/or drugs, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of tantric massage in London.

    Can I request a specific tantric therapist?

    Yes! Some of our delightful ladies are available at short notice and some perform exquisite tantric massage on a part time basis, so we recommend you book in advance. Please visit the gallery page and give us a call for more info.

    Are the Aisha Tantric masseuses discreet?

    We are an Executive London Massage Agency, we recruit and train the best. Our delightful therapists are well mannered, they dress smart/conservative without drawing any unneeded attention to themselves, making their way to your room or residence with utmost care and discretion.

    What should I expect from Aisha Massage London?

    Discretion! Dedication! An overall, exquisite and mind blowing tantric massage experience. We love what we do and we do it with grace and elegance. It is our aim to deliver the best tantric massage experience in London. Just give us a call and the rest is our job.

    What does it cost Lingam Massage in London?

    The rates of each of our tantric masseuses vary. Rates are listed on their Rates Page and individual masseuse.
    Latest Reviews of Our Masseuses
    • Charles on ValentinaValentina is just superb! She is so charming and professional. I’m coming back for more in the near future… she is addictive…
    • James on ValentinaI just wanted to say thank you for recommending such a beautiful lady! Valentina is so professional and caring... And her nuru massage is just divine! I couldn't get enough... so I'll be back for more very soon!
    • Mike on ValentinaValentina.... what can I say about this gorgeous lady... She is very kind, friendly, beautiful soul, caring and she is smoking hot! You would be looked after. Her nuru massage was amazingly erotic, and she uses a variety of techniques while gliding her entire body over yours, this was magical! I can't wait to see her again!
    • Jerry on SabrinaJust had a fantastic massage from the lovely and gorgeous Sabrina. She also provided a wonderful chat afterwards to help me with my anxiety issues. She really does seem to care and takes pride in her work and appearance. She helped me relax and work through some of my issues. Thank you will book again

    Now is the time for her to move her way from the erogenous zones to the more sensitive areas. Beginning with the testicles, she will be taking the time to massage this area as gently as possible.

    As soon as you’re ready to move on, the masseuse will move her massage slowly to the bottom, using gentle stroking movements. If the mood calls for it, and with your consent only, she will consider adding some sensual prostate stimulation to your lingam massage. For some people, prostate stimulation can even finish with a pleasurable prostate orgasm.

    Right as you feel an orgasm being close, or she notices that an orgasm is approaching, our lady will take a moment to pull back and concentrate on another area of your body. This is called edging, and it can be done throughout the massage for as long as you enjoy it.

    There are specific sexual experiences which are thought to invoke a trance-like state. With lingam massage, the full-body pleasure that you experience is generally enough to reach that state, not to mention it can feel rather spiritual than sexual.

    A great way you can make the most of this meditative experience is by taking it slowly, being fully aware of your body and allowing yourself to be absorbed by both the sexual and spiritual nature of this type of tantric massage.

    Generally, ejaculation is believed to be the most intense pleasure which can be felt. But it usually just ends the pleasure before it can reach its highest points and also eliminates the chance to get a second oragsm. So you are missing out on much more intense and much stronger sensations.

    By simply practicing these tantric methods regularly, such as the lingam massage or many others, it can boost your overall wellness, increase your libido, reduce stress and help you explore your sexuality as healthy as possible.

     Lingam Massage in London – the best type of tantric massage therapy which combines sexuality and spirituality to create an amazingly profound experience. Our very skilled ladies know that when you perform a lingam massage, the goal is to observe and feel pleasure in an almost reflective state. Our lingam massage is the adventure of a lifetime that you should not miss, and most certainly you will be back for another session once you experience the benefits yourself. Transparency and satisfaction are guaranteed at Aisha.