How To Prepare For Your Lingam Massage Therapy

An intimate massage is a time when two adults are together in a sensual and special encounter.  Hence to protect their own and therapist intimacy, customers choosing an adult massage London must follow a certain set of etiquettes. These are some of the points that can make the client and the masseuse comfortable where both can derive greater pleasure out of the experience. As a customer, you must always remember to make your therapist comfortable so that she can give you her very best.

Aqua massage in London

Before a session of a lingam massage in London, it is advised to have a shower that makes you relax, warm up and being ready for the session. You can also choose to personalize your session by trying our special aqua massage session to build the connection and to increase the sensuality.  Is not advice to heavily scented perfume or use any oil or moisturizer on your body as the therapist already oily warm hands will explore each part of your body.

Be polite and respect therapist’s boundaries

There can be something that you do not like about the session. In that case, you must politely ask the therapist to change the techniques or to adapt them to your needs and desires. A sensual massage needs to be always a pleasure that fulfills all your desires. Whatever happens, does not be rude, it could spoil the entire mood of the experience.

The therapist is there to offers you the most exciting body to body massage in London, she will listen your wishes and expectations, but also she will be happy if you respect her boundaries in exchange.

Don’t eat too much and hydrate

Remember this is not a simple and ordinary massage. Both the masseuse and you are aware that the massage is just the tip of the iceberg. Your final destination lies in satisfying more carnal requirements of your body. By being hydrated it will help your body’s functionality more than you can imagine.

Take a break if you need it

During the massage session if you suddenly feel a need to take a break, please feel free to ask the masseuse to stop. You can always take small breathing breaks which will help you increase your arousement.

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