Happy Ending Massage in London

A happy ending massage in London can have many benefits for the body and it can even help with premature ejaculation. Every session that you choose has the happy ending massage (also known as Lingham massage) included. When you want a more sensual approach than just a standard massage, just try our happy ending massage, here at Aisha Massage London.

Aisha Massage London invites you to come and experience the absolute pleasure of Happy Ending Massage in London.


    Aisha Massage London


    A purely sensual and exquisite type of massage – all our masseuses are trained to provide a slow and exciting happy ending massage in London. There can be more than one approach to a happy ending massage, just pick the one that suits your needs best. Our Aisha masseuses are professionals and they can offer you a beautiful and long climax delay, by building up the tension and then letting you relax for a while – in this way, each time you will build up much more and at the end, you can reach the most thrilling and blissful climax.

    This full-body massage is a tantric therapy that is popular among male clients. Understandably so as the entire body is worked on with the masseuse’s expert hands finding tension points and knots, easing them out. As her hands work their magic, gradually your body relaxes and you are at peace within yourself, worries fading into the background.

    Once the therapist gets you in that blissful state, she redirects her soothing touch toward parts of your body that are much more sensitive eliciting arousal. As your arousal increases, her soft hands continue kneading your torso and the anticipation of sweet release builds till you climax in an explosive orgasm completely sated thankful to this gift of life.

    Top Masseuses for Happy Ending Massage in London

    Booking Your Happy Ending Massage in London

    The happy ending massage has given many clients a new lease on life, all their senses completely awakened and intensify. Little wonder some refer to it as the best massage in London. Some choose to discreetly enjoy this sensual massage in places of their choosing with our outcall massage option where they can reveal their pleasure to their heart’s content without feeling inhibited.

    A happy ending massage in London is said to be a massage that usually ends with a lingam massage that will bring you to the climax of the pleasure. Regardless of how true this definition is or not, booking a happy ending massage session can be a great choice after a long day at work. Your body will relax and you will finally surrender to the pleasure of being touched and sexually stimulated.

    One of our ladies will make sure that you get the best treatment, while you are feeling welcomed and ready to go beyond the limits of pleasure. At the end of the massage you get aroused with a lingam massage, which will make your experience memorable.

    In general, the Happy Ending Massage has some steps which enable you to get the best out of this experience. In the beginning, you will have to make yourself comfortable and lie naked on the massage bed. It would be a great idea to have a shower before and start with a slow and sensual massage. One of our ladies will start massaging your back, using hot oils with special flavors which will bring you in a very relaxing mood.

    Happy Ending Massage in London

    Our lady will carefully continue massaging some of your erogenous zones, slowly stimulating your body so that you feel every touch. Depending on how much time you have at your disposal you can choose between 60 minutes and 2 hours massage and thus surrender to her hands completely.

    Happy Ending MASSAGE FAQs

    How can I prepare for my Happy Ending Massage in London?

    Please have a warm shower before your therapist arrives and set the room at a comfortable temperature of 22-23’C. We recommend having fresh large towels – your masseuse will use them to cover the bed and protect your bed linen. Please remain in a passive manner and refrain from alcohol and/or drugs, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of tantric massage in London.

    Can I request a specific tantric therapist?

    Yes! Some of our delightful ladies are available at short notice and some perform exquisite tantric massage on a part time basis, so we recommend you book in advance. Please visit the gallery page and give us a call for more info.

    Are the Aisha Tantric masseuses discreet?

    We are an Executive London Massage Agency, we recruit and train the best. Our delightful therapists are well mannered, they dress smart/conservative without drawing any unneeded attention to themselves, making their way to your room or residence with utmost care and discretion.

    What should I expect from Aisha Massage London?

    Discretion! Dedication! An overall, exquisite and mind blowing tantric massage experience. We love what we do and we do it with grace and elegance. It is our aim to deliver the best tantric massage experience in London. Just give us a call and the rest is our job.

    What does it cost Happy Ending Massage in London?

    The rates of each of our tantric masseuses vary. Rates are listed on their Rates Page and individual masseuse.
    Latest Reviews of Our Masseuses
    • Michael on AthenaBeautiful and very kind. Wanted to make sure I was comfortable with everything before proceeding and made me feel very relaxed. Will definitely book again
    • Noah on JenniferIt was fantastic to see Jennifer again after such a long time. She is a wonderful woman and a beautiful soul, and I had an amazing session with her. Please pass on my congratulations to her on behalf of me. I am thrilled that she has returned to Aisha Massage London.
    • George on AthenaWhat a beautiful, sexy woman! Thank you Aisha Massage London! Athena is a true professional, and her many years of experience are obvious. I had an incredible time with her, and I was made to feel welcome and desired from start to finish. I will return.
    • Jon on EvaEva is a lovely young woman, but she was also pleasant to speak with, very compassionate, and fun. The massage was amazing. I will return.

    The first half of the massage is intended to be dedicated to your back, whereas for the second part you will have to turn your body. Our masseuse will start massaging your neck, face, breasts and thighs, down to the erogenous zones if you feel comfortable. You will be asked to give your consent all the time so that no move is made if you do not feel comfortable about it.

    The happy ending part is the most exciting part of this massage, as the therapist will start the lingam massage. If you want, your genitals will be covered with a towel while you will enjoy her fingers all over your penis. You will feel pleasure and relief and most probably you might ejaculate and have an orgasm right away.

    At the end of the massage you will receive a clean towel so you can have an invigorating shower. As this experience is quite a particular one, taking your time to enjoy every second is essential and therefore nobody will rush you. Our ladies are ready to adapt to your needs and let you enjoy this stimulating journey.

    One of the reasons why you might think of a happy ending massage is its therapeutical effects and the possibility to reach an orgasm in a natural way. As the massage enables you to relax and feel pleasure, this has a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing and can improve your sleeping habits. The massage will increase your body confidence and will enable you to lower your blood pressure and relieve the stress accumulated over a long period of time.

    As we all know, sometimes it is very hard to switch off due to long periods of stress and such a massage might help you finally open up your senses. According to some scientific studies, a happy ending massage is recommended for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

    The happy ending massage is often associated with gentle touches, light touches and body rubs and differs from the tantric massage, even though it might continue with one if you ask for it. This type of massage focuses on temporary gratification and if you would like to feel some growing arousal, then you have to arrange it with our lady. By building the pressure, your erotic energy will increase so that you will get more and more excited and ready to ejaculate.

    Our therapist’s incall locations have the best luxury standards and the massage which you will receive is going to match your expectations in terms of quality and intensity of pleasure. If you want, we can arrange for the right music and the right oil flavours so that it gets as close as possible to your taste and you feel ready for some real pleasure.

    Our therapists are professional and very well trained in offering massages of any kind and whenever you feel like communicating your needs, you can always reach out during the massage asking to have it slowly or more intensely, with a focus more on the erogenous zones or the body. As everyone is different, the massage can adapt to any type of person and the longer it is, the more chances it must gradually stimulate your senses and bring you to the highest levels of pleasure and excitement.

    Happy Ending Massage in London – the best form of adult massage you can possibly experience. It includes a mix of body to body massage performed fully nude by our sexy masseuses in London, accompanied by the lingam adult massage at the end. Surely you will come back for more, as it’s proven that our happy ending massage in London is 100% addictive.