Exploring Lingam Massage

Exploring Lingam Massage: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?

A lingam massage is an ancient practice that has been employed for centuries. This type of massage involves massaging the male genitalia with a variety of techniques that are designed to bring about relaxation and pleasure. It is a form of Tantric massage that is intended to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. The massage therapist typically uses massage oils and other body treatments to create a sense of calm and relaxation in the receiver.

Many individuals maintain the idea that a Lingam massage is a euphemism for a massage with a sexual finish.

Contrary to popular belief, upon further inspection, the two are not as similar as they initially appear.

What distinguishes a massage for the Lingam from the typical massage with a happy ending? Why should you opt for the former?

What is the Lingam Massage Experience?

In basic terms, Lingam Massage is a type of tantric, erotic massage that focuses on the Lingam – which is the Sanskrit word for the penis. It is also known as the ‘Pillar of Light’ when translated literally.

Celebrated in Hinduism, the Lingam is a representation of the God Shiva, whose member was said to cause destruction wherever it passed.

Shiva stipulated that people should venerate it in order to bring a close to the destruction. As a result, temples devoted to him around the world have Shivlings or Shiva Lingams, which are phallic statues, as symbols of homage!

The Lingam massage is intended to be a jubilant observance of the penis. Its purpose is to not only to provide enjoyment but to use Tantric methods to enable the person receiving the massage to grasp his sexual energy, thus giving him the capability to gain control over his Lingam – as God Shiva has.

This massage technique will have a positive effect on your intimate capabilities, as well as bolster your assurance in all facets of your life, not only in the bedroom. With this massage, you can allow the unrestricted flow of sexual energy, which can be inhibited at times.

What is the Process Behind Lingam Massage?

The objective of a tantric massage is to create a buildup of sexual energy and maintain it, simultaneously relieving stress and tension.

The masseuse employs her entire body as she kneads and rubs every bit of yours, with particular emphasis put on areas with heightened sensitivity.

The client will experience a multitude of sensations as she adjusts the amount of pressure applied, ranging from gentle to firm.

She employs a wide range of strokes to make the massage session unpredictable for the client, so they experience something new every time.

For the ultimate massage experience, it’s best to let go of any expectations and just relax. All that’s required is to focus on your breath and be conscious of each sensation.

One way to practice mindfulness is by eliminating any distractions from everyday life and not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

Focusing on one’s breath is recommended when having a Lingam massage, just like with most types of massage, making sure it is slow and deep.

The mind is given something to focus on, while the physical body simply senses the masseuse’s movements, as they rhythmically glide with each stroke.

Optimising the advantages of the massage means allowing your body to be completely at ease as the session progresses.

The intensity of your sexual arousal may vary during the massage, and this is to be expected.

The massage therapist will expertly bring you near orgasm a few times, and then let the penis relax before ramping up the stimulation again.

Do not attempt to climax, but rather put your trust in the masseuse’s abilities and let her experienced handling do its thing. In this way, you can gain the maximum advantages of the Lingam massage.

The goal of a Lingam Massage is to bring delight. Orgasms can sometimes be a result of the massage, but it is not its purpose.

You will gain the most pleasure during this experience if you listen without hesitation to your body and accommodate it in response to the tantric touch.

Those who have experienced the bliss and tranquility of Lingam Massage are usually the first to express its advantages. However, having a tantric massage that mainly focuses on the intimate region can be intimidating if one has not attempted it before.

What Advantages Does Lingam Massage Provide?

Numerous health and psychological advantages can be gained through a Lingam massage.

Once you have a massage of this kind, the feeling of relaxation will remain both during and after the session. This is only the beginning, however.

The calming effects of a Lingam Massage are undeniable, as it is a way to relieve pressure and anxiety due to its sensual and erotic character.

Your journey begins with a comprehensive massage that will help you drift away and give into the care of your tantric goddess. She will make sure that your entire body is well taken care of before her hands move to the phallus.

The skin of a person is the largest organ in the body, and by showing it some care and affection, one can increase their blood circulation, reduce their blood pressure, and alleviate any discomfort in their muscles.

Sufferers of insomnia and anxiety may find solace through a Lingam Massage, allowing for clarity of thought and peaceful restful sleep.

Lingam massage not only improves wellbeing, but can also provide sexual benefits. It can extend an erection, boost sexual performance, and aid in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Your tantric masseuse will employ specific erogenous zones to bring you to crashing waves of pleasure, but will exercise control over the intensity to ensure your climax is managed. During a Lingam Massage, they will systematically stimulate the genitals without overloading your senses; this will help build your capacity to withstand pleasurable touch.

Gaining mastery of ejaculatory control can be a major morale booster and may likely be viewed favorably by one’s sexual partner!

The massage can result in an increase in body confidence due to being nude throughout the experience. Baring it all to someone you’ve never met can be an incredibly freeing sensation and have a positive effect on your self-esteem. You may never feel the same way about taking off your clothes again.

The Lingam Massage has been identified to help with toning of genital muscles, and even the handling of anorgasmia – an incapability to experience an orgasm despite stimulation. Recipients of this technique have also found it beneficial in boosting libido, aiding in fertility issues, and addressing emotional pain.

An hour or two spent on a Lingam massage may be the solution to many of your issues, or simply a delightful experience.

It would certainly be worth giving it a try!

How Do Lingam Massage & Happy Ending Massage Differ?

Looking for a happy ending massage could yield a variety of results, yet all of them will just perpetuate your conditioned response to a sexual stimulus which is to be highly goal-oriented.

Our modern lifestyle often distances us from our sexual identities, so it’s understandable that this kind of reaction is common; however, there are other alternatives.

Making a connection with our intimate selves can be advantageous beyond the bedroom.

Your masseuse can aid you in gaining access to energy that can then be used in your daily life. This can result in improved self-assurance, more cognizance, a better quality of sleep, and more enjoyable and rewarding intimate moments, as well as intenser and more profound climaxes.

Having a pleasant ending to an event may provide momentary pleasure, but it can never give you the ability to possess your own sexuality.

Tantric massage consists of a slower and more controlled type of massage in comparison to other types, such as the well-known rub-and-tug. This particular style has a focus on the Lingam.

When it comes to Lingam and tantric massage, it is recommended that you free yourself from any expectations and just enjoy each moment of the massage as it comes.

Focus on your breathing and relinquish control of your body to the masseuse in order to help you relax and take the attention away from ejaculation.

This massage can give you the ability to manage when you ejaculate.

Your masseuse will bring you to the brink of orgasm numerous times in order to generate your sexual energy. In our current society, such energies can often become blocked and must be released for them to be able to be employed at their most powerful.

As your masseuse begins to rub your Lingam, you may find yourself close to climax, only for her to then slow her actions and allow you to settle down before gradually building up the excitement again.

Take notice of the feelings in your body and let yourself wholly experience each one without looking ahead to what is yet to come.

Massage therapy can provide a great deal of help to individuals who experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Placing excessive emphasis on attaining climax – the ‘objective’ – can cause worry, which can ultimately cause disappointment, accusations, and apprehension. An unfortunate outcome, such as a loss of erection or reaching orgasm prematurely, can generate more anxiety the following time, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This massage technique seeks to interrupt the cycle of stress by motivating the individuals to concentrate on the present rather than worrying about the future. This helps them to release themselves from the pressure of expectation – both their own and that of any romantic partners.

Though it is not universal, many men will experience ejaculation and orgasm during a massage. Thanks to the energies your masseuse has helped to cultivate, if you do climax it will be incredibly potent and gratifying.

It is common to be unable to communicate or move after having an intensely pleasurable climax. Make sure to savor the feeling. Once you’ve experienced an orgasm of this magnitude, you will not need to look for a ‘happy ending’ ever again.