Bond With Your Partner In An Exciting Couples Massage

Many couples like to do things together in order to bond and deepen their relationship. It might be a weekend away on a city break, a countryside walk on the weekend, or even a fun activity like horse riding. However, to unlock the most intimate part of your relationship together, why not try an adult massage in London as a couple? Read on to discover what a couple’s massage involves. 

What Does A Couple’s Massage Involve?

In the same way, as a single massage takes place, a couple’s massage happens simultaneously in the same room, so you can talk to each other during the massage. You might opt for massages that target the same parts of the body to relieve stress and bring you both in sync, or you might choose complementary massages based on your individual bodies. 

Women might prefer an erotic massage targeting the leg and arm muscles, but men may enjoy the back muscles and stomach muscles being loosened up. 

What Will The Room Be Like For A Couple’s Massage?

Two beds will be set up next to each other so you can even hold hands as your tensions melt away. Many times, two massage therapists will work on each of you, or there is the option to have one massage therapist cater to you both at the same time, whatever you prefer. 

The room is likely to be dimly lit to lower your perceptions and assist you in relaxation. Soft music may also be played to lull you into a sense of rest, along with pleasant aromatherapy smells, taking care of all your senses.

What Do I Wear For A Couple’s Massage Session?

We recommend wearing light and loose-fitting garments to make changing easier. You may wish to remove all of your clothes and just have the towel provided as you lay on the table. Remember not to wear excessive amounts of jewellery as it will all need to be removed if you are receiving neck and hand massages. Alternatively, you may wish to keep your underwear on if you will be receiving a massage on the upper half of your body, or a massage which focuses only on the legs and arms. 

If you’ve been considering a couple’s massage, get in touch with us today and book your relaxing break. We cater to all couples, and we can discuss over the phone the style of massage you and your partner would like to receive to get the most out of the session. 

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