Couples Massage in London

Our couples massage is a very intimate experience where you can both chat and reconnect in a more relaxed setting with the soothing feel of your bodies getting de-stressed.

Aisha Massage London invites you to come and experience the absolute pleasure of Couples Massage in London.


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    Couples massage in London is a great way to bond and revive your sexual fires while spending quality time with your other half. The two of you laid down, side by side on a massage bed with sensual music playing softly in the background, scented candles releasing their fragrance and warm yellow candlelights casting their glow over your naked bodies while our therapist massages your bodies will get you relaxed and build up your sexual energy levels.

    Our couples massage is a very intimate experience where you can both chat and reconnect in a more relaxed setting with the soothing feel of your bodies getting de-stressed.

    If you need to spice up or just add something new to your life, our Tantric Couples massage is the perfect choice to reconnect and explore your intimacy. This is a real treat that allows you to make the emotional bond stronger and discover new emotions in each other that you might have forgotten. We recommend Couples massage done with two masseuses.

    Top Masseuses for Couples Massage in London

    Booking Your Couples Massage in London

    You can make this intimate time spent together an extra memorable experience by booking it on Valentine’s Day when there is love in the air or on your wedding/relationship anniversary. Women are big on remembering the special dates. A ‘just the two of you’ special pampering occasion is sure to score you major points.

    If you would like to enjoy this intimate massage in a location that holds special memories for the two of you, you could use our outcall massage service and our therapists will come to you.

    One of the most romantic and erotic ways to offer and receive a massage is couples massage. This technique is intended for couples who would like to improve their sexual life and feel closer to each other.

    As the massage is the best way to feel pleasure while being touched, couples massage has the role to strengthen the bond and open the energetic blocks. This approach started in Asia, the place where the art of touching has been invented and where most of the trauma and inner disease has been successfully cured with the help of the hands.

    Couples Massage in London

    The couples massage is a romantic idea if you would like to feel more intimate and open up both emotionally and spiritually toward your partner. By having more activities together your partner and you will get to know each other better and express your love for each other with more ease.

    This quality time that you are spending together can enable you to have a deeper connection and fall deeper in love.


    How can I prepare for my Couples Massage in London?

    Please have a warm shower before your therapist arrives and set the room at a comfortable temperature of 22-23’C. We recommend having fresh large towels – your masseuse will use them to cover the bed and protect your bed linen. Please remain in a passive manner and refrain from alcohol and/or drugs, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of tantric massage in London.

    Can I request a specific tantric therapist?

    Yes! Some of our delightful ladies are available at short notice and some perform exquisite tantric massage on a part time basis, so we recommend you book in advance. Please visit the gallery page and give us a call for more info.

    Are the Aisha Tantric masseuses discreet?

    We are an Executive London Massage Agency, we recruit and train the best. Our delightful therapists are well mannered, they dress smart/conservative without drawing any unneeded attention to themselves, making their way to your room or residence with utmost care and discretion.

    What should I expect from Aisha Massage London?

    Discretion! Dedication! An overall, exquisite and mind blowing tantric massage experience. We love what we do and we do it with grace and elegance. It is our aim to deliver the best tantric massage experience in London. Just give us a call and the rest is our job.

    What does it cost Couples Massage in London?

    The rates of each of our tantric masseuses vary. Rates are listed on their Rates Page and individual masseuse.
    Latest Reviews of Our Masseuses
    • Michael on AthenaBeautiful and very kind. Wanted to make sure I was comfortable with everything before proceeding and made me feel very relaxed. Will definitely book again
    • Noah on JenniferIt was fantastic to see Jennifer again after such a long time. She is a wonderful woman and a beautiful soul, and I had an amazing session with her. Please pass on my congratulations to her on behalf of me. I am thrilled that she has returned to Aisha Massage London.
    • George on AthenaWhat a beautiful, sexy woman! Thank you Aisha Massage London! Athena is a true professional, and her many years of experience are obvious. I had an incredible time with her, and I was made to feel welcome and desired from start to finish. I will return.
    • Jon on EvaEva is a lovely young woman, but she was also pleasant to speak with, very compassionate, and fun. The massage was amazing. I will return.

    Apart from the relief from muscle stiffness and aches, your body will benefit from the increase in blood flow and the endorphins circulating within your veins. This is a very calming way to switch off and focus on mutual connection. By showing increased affection towards your partner, a couples massage is great for solving conflicts and breaking boundaries. The massage itself is a great source of blood chemicals such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine and this cuddling time is perfect for couples to feel happy.

    It is already known that massage has the benefit of lowering stress and anxiety levels while preparing you for something better. The couples massage is quite new for many couples and it takes some time until both partners are ready for it. The most important is that both are present and ready to enjoy this experience before they get too touchy. Thus distractions will be put aside and the couple will manage to live in the moment.

    If you go for a couples massage in London at our therapist’s incall location, then two of our ladies will offer a massage for both of you. While being in the same room and on the same massage bed, you will simultaneously get a massage so that both of you are stimulated via the same treatment. As the massage can enable your mental and physical health, doing it together with your partner might bring benefits for the couple as well.

    This can be the beginning of a couple’s ritual to receive pleasure simultaneously maybe once a month and dedicate this day of romance for you as a couple. During the massage the love hormone is floating around, consequently, the partners will associate this feeling with their relationship.

    Before coming for the massage you should consider some essential steps to make your experience even better and have good memories. Right before the massage, you should avoid eating too much, so that your belly is not overloaded. As you will have to relax in the next hour, your body should be fit and not too heavy. Go for a shower before and make sure you are clean and smell well. This will enable you to feel much better and be more self-confident while receiving the massage.

    Standing naked in front of someone can always be embarrassing but if you are fine with yourself, then this will not be a barrier. Talk to your masseuse and let her know how you would prefer the massage to be, if sometimes she is trying too hard or moving too slow. She will adapt so that you will feel comfortable and not under pressure.

    At the end of the day, it is important that you and your partner feel good, that you share your most intimate emotions and would like to make beautiful memories together. This will give you then a lot of reasons to ask two of our ladies to join you during this journey and make your feel good with their fingers and skills. Our ladies are very talented and extremely professional and are ready to make this experience a unique episode that you both will want to repeat soon. Book an appointment and see how it feels to be touched and stimulated while your partner enjoys the same amount of pleasure!

    Couples Massage in London – many find it a tabu, but you will be surprised to find out that is the little tantric treat of many couples in London. This form of adult sensual massage has become very popular in the last few years. We highly recommend two therapists for the couples massage, so that each partner gets the full tantric experience and attention.

    Couples massage can be arranged as an incall massage in London, where you travel to the therapist’s tantric sanctuary or as an outcall massage in London where the therapists will discretely come to your hotel room or residence.