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Can an erotic massage be spiritual?

Everyone knows that the primary goal of erotic practices is to make the recipient feel sexually excited. Many people enjoy erotic massage solely for the physical gratification it provides, and don’t go further than that. The world of physical sensations is varied and vast, so there’s always something for everyone: those who seek to relieve bodily tensions and those who want to experience new feelings and mental states.

The purpose of this article is to explore whether erotic massage can help us achieve a new level of spirituality and why the benefits might tempt you to try it.

Erotic massage that connects body and mind

According to most prominent religions, increased physical pleasure does not contribute to a person’s spiritual development. On the contrary, Tantra not only accepts this connection but also believes that physical needs must be met to grow spiritually.

These views seem unusual and non-traditional, but they are actually thousands of years older than all the current world religions. It is believed that Tantra originated long before the rise of Hinduism and Buddhism and had a significant impact on their philosophical aspect. The theory of Tantra is that by utilising specific techniques on the body, negative energies – both physical and psychic – are eliminated. It helps us reconnect with the spiritual energy around us and facilitates healing. The energy that surrounds us is the same energy that flows through our bodies. When we bottle up or repress this force, it can cause physical and emotional harm, leaving us unbalanced.

For thousands of years, codes in various religions have forced people to suppress their desires. Often, people who gave in to these urges had to deal with chronic guilt, repression, denial, and even punishment. Tantric practices aim to break down the restrictive conditioning people experience, which often leads them to repress their bodily desires. Through Tantric methods, individuals can learn to cast off moral judgment and open themselves up to new levels of intimacy – both physically and spiritually.

The psychological benefits of erotic massage

Western cultures don’t allot time to teach sensuality, so people grow up without learning how to appreciate and value it fully. The situation has developed with the increased popularity of psychological studies and personal therapy. However, Tantric massage is the only technique of this kind that allows for a deeper understanding of ourselves. It helps to look at the sexual experience from a different perspective and helps to use sex as a tool to connect all the parts of our complex personality: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Tantric massage techniques aren’t only about learning more about your own body and enjoying it; they’re also ways of developing greater self-awareness and connection to the world around you.

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