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Discover a series of articles meant to reveal the bliss of the erotic massage and tips on how to quickly reach the sexual ecstasy

During the following articles, soon to be published on the blog, we will try to cover as many useful topics as we can concerning the various facets of the erotic massage. To do so, we will be writing informative materials that can better explain the essential elements of our sensuality, as humans; we will present means through which we can all explore and improve our sexuality. Through all of these efforts, we hope to expose false myths or harmful preconceptions regarding the modern tantric massage and to provide helpful materials to all of our site’s visitors, so that in the end, they may be more willing to fully discover, enjoy and recommend the benefits of the erotic massage.

What is the erotic massage

In today’s article, the first of the series we have just briefly presented in the previous paragraph, we will address several introduction aspects – what does the word erotic actually mean and what does it imply; a summary of the principles connected to this massage; how is pleasure perceived by different people; the importance of the energy connection; all the benefits that accompany the erotic massage.

The notion of erotic refers to situations that contain feelings of love; what sings, expressing love. Also, this word means also prone, inclined to sensualism; sensual. The word “erotic” was taken in our language from the name of Eros, the god of love during ancient Greece. It describes the awakening of sexual sentiment or strong desire; so, being erotic forces you to keep in mind and use all the senses you have, to learn to reconnect with this important component of the human being – sexuality.

Unfortunately, in this age we live, we too often forget about what is the true meaning of sensuality – and we also forget how much we need touch and love in our existences. What does sensuality mean? Some may describe it as simply opening up all the senses. Why are our senses so important in understanding the concept of erotic massage (and eroticism in general)? Because today we have become a society that relies heavily on reason and on sight. These two functions of our beings tend to dictate each of our steps – through them we form our opinions, judgements; with them we evaluate things around us. What happens to the other functions of our senses? They are too often forgotten or ignored – we do not listen enough, do not smell careful, do not taste, do not feel. And the sensual message even aims to remedy this problem – by paying attention to all the senses we have. Through the tantric message (which we will present more in the next articles) we can experience, reinvigorate the sensations of the body and rediscover pleasure. We can learn how our (analytical) mind can move into the second plane and then enjoy every inch of our body.

Through a modern erotic massage, we enjoy not only the relaxation associated with the standard massage, but also the excitement of our sexual stimuli. This message helps participants achieve (or rediscover) their passionate side – a thing which can change lives or relationships. As a client, after these experiences, you will learn what it means to let go of the senses, to trust the masseur and to enjoy, for hours, the warmth and the touch of the skilled hands and beautiful body of the models.

The skin – the gateway to a new experience

After all, the skin is one of the most essential components of our human body – the skin keeps it all together and is very visible (even if we wear clothes in everyday life). Unfortunately, too often we neglect or give too little attention – and this happens even when we are touched by those we are attracted to or love. What makes the skin such a unique organ besides its size? The fact that it is built of millions of minuscule receptors, which help us stay safe, in the face of various dangers. Moreover, the skin can transform our body into a wonderful way to pamper ourselves with ecstatic touches and feelings. And how can you be amazed by these incredible body sensations rather than through an erotic massage? This interaction between two or more people, using all the senses, will change your every day and bring your livelihood back to life.

The importance of tantric teachings and practices in the sensual massage

Most of us see these related terms together, very often – sensual, tantric, erotic – especially when it comes to massage. Indeed, even if these words do not mean the same thing, these concepts come together under the umbrella of modern sensual massage, practiced today. The tantric teaching is that in such an experience it is not enough for one to be active and the other to be completely passive (the first is the one to massage and the second to be massaged); but here, mutual trust, patience and ritual are the elements that create an unforgettable ambience, a special connection, a context and a state that can lead you to the highest peaks of ecstasy.

If until now you did not have the opportunity to enjoy such touches and have not felt the release available through such a session, make a reservation right now at Aisha – Tantric Massage in London.

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