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Cast all your worries and stress away enjoying the ultimate tantric massage London alongside our fantastic range of sensual massages, through the skilled hands of our lovely and very experienced massage therapists, here in London. Find more about our luxury massage service – either in the privacy of your home/hotel room or at one of our massage rooms, throughout London.

Treat your body and mind with a fantastic tantric massage and experience an excellent and higher state of massage awareness.

Meet our masseuses

You will definitely find them to be elegant, educated, warm, and very skilled in the art of tantric touch. Each one is unique and appealing in her own way. They know London very well, and most of them are available at short notice, professionals and reliable. Do you feel bored, alone or stressed? Search no more!
Try our exclusive Aisha Tantric Massage London and allow yourself to be taken away in a world full of erotic delights, excitement and pure bliss, pampered away by tantric models.
Please note that we work by appointment only, so don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, text or WhatsApp to book your tantric massage London.

Featured Tantric Masseuses in London



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Thank you Carla for your professionalism and transparency. Your recommendations were simply the best. Amira is a wonderful women with her appealing body and great personality. She is definitely an expert at body to body massage and her energy and implication just conquered me. It was one of the most amazing experiences I had out of all them all. Amira’s massage room definitely smells like a hotel spa and I was very impressed about its central location and how well equipped the her massage room was. I am so exited to see her again.

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Olivia is definitely a truly goddess. The mix of her beauty with her tantric massage skills it’s just the perfect mix for a sublime and perfect experience. Her olive skin and curvy shapes it’s just making one dreaming of seeing her again and again. A pleasant personality, with a natural positivism and happiness that can change your mood instantly. Olivia has a very seductive attitude that surrounds you and makes you surrender to the spell of the moment.

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From the moment I start chatting with your nice and helpful receptionist I knew that this will be a great experience. My nuru massage session was arranged with Maria, a beautiful and charming lady. All my questions were answered spot on and the professionalism made me relax and be truthful that this will be one of the best experiences. Maria just enforced my thoughts and went above all my expectations. She is very sweet, charming and skilled masseuse. She took care of every and each detail from the room ambiance with diffuse lights and subtile soothing room fragrance, to the lovely sensation of the warm and slippery nuru gel on my skin.

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Sarah was fantastic, I really want to thank you for making this happen. Our erotic massage was really nice and she took is gently though our first time. We were quite shy but really she was engaged with us and helped us loosen up. Everything was excellent from her vibe, her massage skills to the massage room that was very welcoming. We would definitely want to spend time with her in the future.

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Thank you for arranging the session with Rose. She is a lovely person with a wonderful personality. Her sensual massage techniques are really making the difference. Keeping a strong a emotional connection through the session and with her warm smile, made the experience a very personal and intimate one. The incall location was very clean and welcoming with a great ambiance. I was extremely impressed and satisfied by the services Rose offered to me. I am definitely looking forward to see her again.

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Thank you for arranging my tantric massage session with Maria. I felt very relaxed and I definitely want to see her again when I come back in London.


Types of Tantric Massage in London

Find our best tantric massages in central London and relax your body

About Tantric Massage London

The most intimate connection can happen during a massage, as it involves intimate touching and release of the tension. As sometimes a massage is all that we need to switch off and indulge into pleasure, knowing how to choose the right one might open doors to heaven. With a fresh mind you can always make better choices and revitalize your spirit, but this requires a good strategy to slow down your senses and your mind and let your energy circulate.


One of the most outspoken massages is the tantric massage London, as it is extremely intimate and requires both partners, the giver and the receiver to be equally open to each other.


The specific of the tantric massage London is the focus on the body’s erogenous zones during the whole massage. The reason why it is among the most famous massages is strongly linked to its therapeutically properties which enables your chakra, the energy core of your body to relax and surrender to the pleasure.


The tantric massage has been developed in 1977 in Berlin and combines the neotantric movements with the Asian massages over the erogenous areas of the body. Because some people might get bored of having the same routine, learning to look at getting pleasure from a different angle might enable you to unlock new realms, discover new types of sensations and have deeply connecting experiences.


This is why another way to explore each other’s body and have pleasure is with tantric massage London. This type of massage is strongly connected to the principle of tantra, a practice originated from Central and Southeast Asia. This massage focuses on stimulating the sensitive areas, exactly where most of the tension is retained.

In some parts of the world this massage includes as well meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, without having anything sexual. The spiritual part of this massage is the giver’s effect on moving the receiver’s energy all over his body and help him heal inside.


The tantric essence of shakti is what makes this practice special and when properly used, this force has deep healing properties, both emotionally and spiritually. Even though this form of sacred massage comes from the Hindu religion and goes back to the Jain traditions, most of the tantra which you will witness is neotantra, a modern version focused on sacred sexuality and less on spirituality.


While the tantric massage London can be practiced at home with your own partner, it is quite a special experience to have it in a massage studio or spa center. The quality of the massage will depend on the facility, but in most of the cases it takes the same body parts into focus – yoni massage on vulva, lingam massage on the penis and the massage of the prostate. During the massage it might happen to reach an orgasm, but it depends on every person.


The purpose of the tantric massage is to release the tension, lean into pleasure and unleash the energetic blocks. Even though it seems very intuitive and sensual, the tantric massage London can be successfully given when some principles are respected. As this is a combination of a sacred connection and intentional pleasure, the tantric massage requires that the recipient should be able to receive the pleasure and the giver is willing to offer pleasure.

This mutual agreement between giver and receiver is necessary so that the connection occurs. The giver should be able to understand the body language of the receiver and both should forget the notion of time. As long as both partners are ready to enjoy mutual pleasure, the outcome is guaranteed.


Once these rules are applied and both partners took the time to understand how they want to be touched and stimulated, the massage will be a great way to relax and enjoy the good feelings. Schedule a session with one of our ladies and let yourself enjoy the pleasure of feeling touched.


As mentioned already, the tantric massage London can focus in one situation on the penis (lingam massage). During this session the receiver has to breathe deeply and let himself be surrounded by pleasure. The giver will slowly massage the testicles, either by keeping them in their hands or by gently touching them with the fingernails.

Lubricate and massage the penis, from the thighs, to the pubic bone and perineum. This ongoing sliding process will enable the receiver to feel more and more comfortable. In the end let him climax if he reaches the orgasm and wants to ejaculate.


Another option for the tantric massage is the yoni massage, with a focus on the vulva. The receiver should lie on their back and keep her knees up and feet down. This massage can be easily combined with a breast massage in order to create a stronger connection and feel better.


Aisha Tantric Massage London offers massage to men, women and as well to couples. Erotic massages are recommended to spice your love life, as well as a couple. Prepare to rediscover the sensual energy and reconnect through an intense erotic massage.

When you feel you’re in need for a mind-blowing tantric massage, look no further and give us a call! Aisha promise, It’s addictive!


Find out more about our masseuses, prices and sessions, by accessing the top menu. Also, if you have any more questions regarding our services (payments, preparation for the massage) be sure to check out the FAQ section.

The Benefits of Tantric Massage London, in short:

If this is the first time when you hear this concept, read the definitions and the description below to understand what erotic tantric massage really means, to get rid of prejudices and then be able to satisfy any curiosity.

Erotic tantric massage (also called sensuous massage) offers absolutely all of the advantages provided by the relaxing massage, the one we are all used to, either as a male or a female. However, if you’ve always considered the massage simply as a solution to relax your muscles or to feel more restful, less tense or to treat some back issues, now it’s the perfect time to find out that there is a different type of massage that you have been unaware off – the erotic tantric massage.

Also done by the using of hands, this process is in itself a profoundly sensual experience. Today, erotic tantric massage has come to incorporate the most efficient and appreciated techniques (from a wide range of massage styles) by dressing them in a sensual coat – this helps couples or individuals rediscover or develop their passionate side, which they believed to be non-existent or lost over the years.

As in a well-built relationship, the masseuse will satisfy the partner; the one who is massaged, just has to learn to enjoy the touch with his partner. Using some specific tools, erotic tantric massage helps you explore your sexuality and connect better with the other person.

– Tantric massage resorts to sexual energy to prolong pleasure, enhance excitement and improve sexual fulfillment
– Encourages people to express their sexual desire and passion

– It promotes the flow of energies throughout the body, thus also operating as a healing

– It brings deep relaxation

– Reveals the paradisiacal sensations of erotic touch

– It implies a high degree of freedom, incorporating different techniques and movements

Did we make you curious? Schedule an erotic tantric massage right now, at Aisha Tantric Massage London!

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