The art of sensual touch ,performed by beautiful tantric therapists in silky,sexy lingerie ,or topples. A delightful way to learn and experience tantric massage that will relax and excite at the same time ,it includes soft sensual strokes on your entire body followed by a happy ending massage .


                Incall                               Outcall


1hr          120£                                  200£
90min    200£                                  300£
2hr          280£                                  400£





The very popular, Aisha signature body to body massage, a truly sensational nude massage experience, full of sensuality, slow and erotic body to body movements that will heighten your senses and lead you to a mind blowing tantric journey


                Incall                               Outcall


1hr          140£                                  230£
90min    220£                                  
2hr          300£                                 430£





A fantastic way to literally wash all your worries away, from head to toe. The session will start with a soapy shower or a bathing ritual where you will be pampered and caressed by gorgeous tantric models ,followed by a sensual body to body massage 


                Incall                               Outcall


1hr          210£                                  300£
90min    290£                                 40

2hr          370£                                 500£





Dare and explore your most deep desires, by submersing yourself to a world of dark sensuality, where you will be teased and pleased till the very end. A thrilling experience where you surrender into the expert hands of your Aisha Mistress, that will use various accessories and her own imagination combined with dark techniques that will leave your heart pounding for more 


                Incall                               Outcall


1hr          210£                                   300£
90min    290£                                  40

2hr          370£                                  500£





If you simply love to caress and be caressed by pretty feet, then be adventurous and book the Aisha Foot Fetish Massage ,where our skilled masseuse will use warm oil and her perfectly pedicured feet to massage and arouse you till the last moment 


                Incall                               Outcall


1hr          210£                                  300£
90min    290£                                  40

2hr          370£                                  500£




If you need to spice or just add something new to your life,Tantric massage is the desired path for you to reconect ,explore your intimacy, by touch, glaze and sensuality. Tantric couples massage is a real treat,where you can make the sensual bond stronger, and discover new emotions in one another that you might have forgoten of.You will learn new tehniques and methods that you can connect in a more physical and emotional state
Couples tantric with one masseuse  

                 Incall                                 Outcall


1hr          210£                                   300£
90min    290£                                  40

2hr          370£                                  500£



Couples tantric with 2 masseuses


                 Incall                                 Outcall


1hr          280£                                   460£
90min    440£                                   66

2hr          600£                                  860£





Enjoy a lovely dinner with a beautiful tantric masseuse followed by a long and erotic body to body massage .The session is available on request, please book in advance  


1hr                   200£
90min             300£
2hr.                  400£





Customise your tantric massage, choose how and what delightful treats you prefer, tantric deluxe massage has the basis of a full nude body to body massage including the intense happy ending , you can mix and match what 3 tantric treats your heart desires 


                 Incall                                 Outcall


1hr          350£                                   440£
90min    430£                                   68

2hr          510£                                   640£





The ultimate tantric fantasy massage in London, indulge in the most finest and exciting tantric fantasy that you desire.
A full nude body to body massage combined with the ultimate tantric treats for your pleasure. Experience a new level to your traditional massage and let your fantasy loose.
Includes tantric body to body massage , mutual massage , happy beginning & happy ending massage, soapy shower and the thrilling tie & tease massage 


                  Incall                                 Outcall


1hr          490£                                   580£
90min    570£                                   68

2hr          650£                                   780£



TANTRIC TREATS – to compliment any massage session :


Prostate massage( g spot )          + 70£
Mutual massage.                            +70£
Extra lingham.                                 +70£
Aqua massage.                               +70£
Tie & tease massage.                    +70£

We do create sessions based on personal circumstances and preferences, let us know and will do our best to put something together just for you.

For more information about the tantric massages please visit the MASSAGES or phone our friendly receptionist on 07482752099, and book you’re favourite tantric massage today !!